Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lights of the city at night

We have already looked at like that of Earth at night . And then turned up photo. He began to dig further .. but it turns out ...

Under the auspices of NASA and a number of organizations in the states is such an interesting project - "Nighttime Lights of the World".
It not only publishes pictures of the earth from outer space night. He is using meteorological records of the illumination of the night in the dynamics of the Earth and comparing, lays out the map changes in illumination.

Observations conducted in 1993, the site posted the data to 2003 inclusive.

What you see below - Dynamic Card light of Eurasia, where the red marked re-emerged in this period lights.

From pink to gray - constant during this period the lights of varying intensity - from high to low.

Light and dark blue flowers marked the light intensity is decreased.

Finally, marked in blue light, which ceased to exist.
Extinguished the light.




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