Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is there life on Mars?

You know what this is? This picture from Mars.

This structure, shown in close-up, received the device imager (for microscopic images) located on the rover's automated arm Opportunity. The structure got its name "Robert E". It is situated on a rock outcropping Meridiani Planum. Scientists have studied the ball (small sphere) in the center of the image that pops out of the rock. This image has three centimeters in diameter and was received by 15 Martian day mission, the rover (February 8, 2004). These state the structure is very interested in academics as well as historical reasons for their education. Some layered structures are formed only under the action of the water environment.

This mosaic image shows an extremely close-up of the Martian surface. These round particles similar to the found blueberries were formed in the Martian soil near the rock outcrop at Meridiani Planum called Stone Mountain. Scientists are studying these curious formations for more precise information about the historical context in which the particles were formed. The image obtained by camera images of microscopic imager, - located on the instrument deployment device - an automated rover arm. The survey was compiled from several separate images obtained by the camera.

Official versions I found, but on the Internet since the rumor about the Martian blueberries. That's how people see the situation on the red planet.

On the distant and near the red planet

Among the vast expanses of desert

The rover has found ...

Something ...

Good look in 3D.

I saw that it grows on the rocks.

It grows out of them.

Hanging as blueberries from the bush.

And there it a lot.

A lot of ...

Entire fields.

If you ride on it ...

It can be crushed.

Peace of mind!

It will still grow again!

Who know, it really?



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