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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monorail between Bailey and the Union of Killarney 1935

Monorail between Bailey and the Union of Killarney

The passengers were distributed evenly over the two halves of the car to prevent overturning of the wagon

In places where the monorail crossing the road with heavy traffic, was placed a sort of spindle, allows you to easily open the way for cars

Monorail between Bailey and the Union of Killarney. At certain points used by the mobile hoists a wooden bridge

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

the cable car to one of the monasteries of Meteora

The photo to the cable car to one of the monasteries of Meteora. The complex of Meteora in Greece. Includes six existing Orthodox monasteries located on the huge rock "pillars" in height and 600 meters above sea level.


Monday, August 27, 2012

Gunners news: Stoke 0-0 Arsenal

Gunners frustrated in bore draw

Arsene Wenger's were toothless in attack and draw another blank as the resolute Potters earn Tony Pulis's men a point at the Britannia Stadium

EPL,Lukas Podolski,Andy Wilkinson,Stoke City v Arsenal
The north London side dominated large periods of the game, with Santi Cazorla prominent in every attack but, despite looking resolute in defence, their cutting edge in the final third deserted them at the vital moments.

Chances were few and far between throughout the encounter with new signing Olivier Giroud volleying over the best of Arsenal’s and a Jonathan Walters’ scuff the best moments of a lethargic 90 minutes.

Tony Pulis made two changes from the side held to a 1-1 opening day draw against Reading. Jermaine Pennant had recovered from a slight knock to take his place on the wing with new-bow Geoff Cameron making his debut in central midfield. Dean Whitehead and Matthew Etherington made way.

Arsene Wenger also made two changes to his Arsenal side which appeared to have more than a hint of physicality about it.

The big team news came in goal, with regular number one Wojciech Szczesny missing out with a rib injury, allowing Vito Mannone to make his first appearance of the season. Giroud was given his first start for the club.

Much of the pre-match build-up centred around discipline, with Pulis claiming Arsenal to be a “dirtier” side than the Potters.

It was Arsenal, however, who used Pulis’s words as inspiration, settling into their trademark rhythmical passing game from the outset and moving the ball around with confidence and precision, with new signing Cazorla pulling the strings.

Stoke did provide a reminder of their aerial threat within the first five minutes, with Peter Crouch knocking the ball down for Walters to net from an offside position.

But the game’s first real opening fell to Lukas Podolski, the German breaking into the penalty area only to see his left-footed shot deflected wide, seemingly by the outstretched hand of Andy Wilkinson.

Podolski was involved again shortly after; his slaloming run was cynically ended by a Robert Huth block, with the resulting free kick tamely fired into the wall and then wide by Cazorla.

And Arsenal could have broken the deadlock a minute later, with Kieran Gibbs’ clever overlapping run undermined by his misplaced clip across the six yard box with Giroud well placed for a simple scoring chance.

The match was starting to fall into a similar Stoke-Arsenal pattern with the home team happy to soak up any pressure through two solid banks of four and allow the Gunners to pass the ball around in front of them.

And Cazorla and Podolski were the epitomes of Arsenal’s approach, looking lively and enterprising in their link up play, with little end product to show for it.

Despite the Gunners’ monopoly of possession, Stoke remained dangerous on the break with a strong run from Walters resulting in a Michael Kightly drive stinging the palms of Mannone.

Five minutes later, it was Stoke custodian Asomir Begovic’s turn to be tested, having to push behind Cazorla’s rising 25-yard drive.

And it almost came as a relief when referee Lee Mason brought an end to a turgid first half.

It was a similar story at the start of the second period with the match largely being played in the Stoke half.

Pennant felt he should have had a penalty when his driving run into the area was theatrically halted by Gibbs but the appeals were rightly waved away by referee Mason.

At the other end, Giroud had Arsenal’s best chance of the half, spectacularly bouncing the ball over Begovic’s crossbar from Cazorla’s beautifully flighted corner.

The introduction of England international duo Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain briefly injected some life into a tired looking Arsenal side, with first Arteta blazing over when well-placed and Abou Diaby skewing wide after getting his legs in a tangle in the six-yard box

But Walters could have nicked all three points for Stoke at the other end, scuffing a tame shot through to Mannone when set clear.

Giroud was agonisingly close to doing similar for the Gunners when his audacious 35-yard chip landed inches over Begovic’s bar.

But a 0-0 draw was the right result for a solid Stoke performance and a muted Arsenal display as both sides continue their search for a first Premier League win of the season.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Top 16 most expensive in the world of matter

Gold automatically means a luxury, right? This precious metal is commonly associated with wealth and royal power.
However, it appears that this substance is much cheaper than other, far more rare substance. We suggest you look at the Top 16 most expensive substance of the world - sure, you will find many surprises. We have arranged the most expensive substance on the basis of price per gram, with an increase in value.
(16 photos)

16. Saffron. In fact, this is the only agent in our list, which is cheaper than gold.
Price: 11.13 USD per gram.
5004 dollars per pound.
How to use: Saffron is a herbaceous flowering plant family of Iris. It can be used as a natural remedy that cures almost all known ailments ranging from depression and ending with irregular menstrual cycles.
The dried stigmas of saffron flowers can be used as a spice and food color orange. This property of saffron has been known since ancient times. In addition, the researchers suggest that the composition of saffron may contain some substances that can slow vision loss in older people.
In pictures: flower saffron.

15. Gold.
Cost: $ 56.73 USD per gram.
How to use: In addition to the traditional use of gold in the jewelry industry, the precious metal can also be used as an electrical conductor and to prevent corrosion.
In the photo: golden carriage of Catherine II the Great.

14. Rhodium.
Cost: $ 58 per gram
1630 dollars per ounce.
How to use: Rhodium is primarily used in catalytic converters to reduce carbon emissions from cars. Rhodium compounds are highly toxic and carcinogenic substances.

13. Platinum.
Cost: $ 60 per gram.
1637 dollars per ounce.
How to use: Platinum and its alloys can be used to make jewelry as a catalyst for scientific experiments, but also as a tool against cancer. . Each year, the needs of the global jewelery industry takes about 50 tons of platinum.

12. Methamphetamine
Cost: $ 100 per gram.
How to use: Methamphetamine is a stimulant, narcotic substance, it is quickly shaping enduring relationship, it evokes a feeling of euphoria. Most often, this substance as a drug teenagers use.

11. Rhino horn.
Cost: $ 110 per gram.
$ 50,000 per ounce.
How to use: rhino horn is especially appreciated in Vietnam for the fact that supposedly has the ability to cure cancer. Its use for medical purposes also includes the treatment of fevers and other diseases.
It is because of the huge demand for rhino horn poachers prey and may be endangered.

10. Heroin.
Cost: $ 130 per gram.
This opioid is administered intravenously, snorted and smoked, with the aim of changing consciousness. Heroin can cause seizures or coma.

9. Cocaine.
Cost: $ 215 per gram.
How to use: Someone said that no cocaine, no party is not happy, but doctors believe it - the perfect way to create in their own addiction.
The popularity of the drug substance is related to its stimulating effect, the apparent improvement in mood and imaginary increase efficiency.

Eight. LSD.
Cost: $ 3,000 per gram.
How to use: some nostalgic and tries to relive the 60th, of course, due to hallucinations.

7. Plutonium.
Cost: $ 4,000 per gram.
How to use: Heavy metal is a radioactive silvery-white color is widely used in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, nuclear fuel as an energy source for spacecraft. There are two types of plutonium, one of the material for the production of military facilities, and the other is used in nuclear reactors. Plutonium is often used in nuclear bombs.

6. Pain.
Cost: $ 9,000 per gram, or $ 1,800 per carat.
How to use: Pain is a mineral orange or reddish-brown hue. It was discovered in Burma in the mid-1950s. and has since been considered the rarest gemstone in the world. It is also used as a therapeutic crystal.

Five. Taffeit.
Price: from 2,500 to 20,000 dollars per gram or $ 500 to $ 4,000 per carat.
How to use: This gem of a lavender color, is believed to be a million times rarer than diamonds. It is only used as a gemstone.

4. Tritium.
Cost: $ 30,000 per gram.
How to use: It is used in light sources, like tritium illumination. In particular - to write a self-luminous signs "exit" in theaters, schools and offices. Results in the United States more than two million tablets tritium "Exit".

Three. Diamonds.
Cost: $ 55,000 per gram. Colorless stones can cost more than $ 11,000 per carat, but colored diamonds are much more expensive.
How to use: in engagement rings, where else!

Two. California 252.
Cost: $ 27 million per gram.
How to use: Surprisingly for such an expensive material, californium isotopes do not have any practical application. In the West, this element has been created only once since its opening in 1950.

A. Antimatter.
Cost: 62.5 trillion dollars per gram.
How to use: Antimatter in the future, it is theoretically possible to use as a fuel for the flight of the spacecraft to other planets. To create antimatter requires a very expensive technology.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As the climbers sleep

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The road from Budapest to Zagreb

Today I'll tell you about our journey from Budapest to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, if someone does not know. Total distance about 350 km, is if you go without any intermediate points, but we can not without incident, so we've got and the longer and further than we planned.


A. Actually, after breakfast we quickly packed up, packed up the car and hit the road, pretty soon we brought navigator on the highway to Zagreb.

Two. Around was a real fairy tale.

Three. An hour later, the road I saw a crowd of schoolchildren, which is something done on the farm and we decided to also make a stop here to warm up so suddenly and see interesting things. As it turned out we were in the stables, which brought the children out of school for a tour.




7. Actually students. Carefully zyrkali on us, but what we are actually on them. Despite the invasion of our word against anybody and did not say.

Eight. In this colorful uncle, we have met along the way to the car.


10. Landscapes are of course tents, well more vehicles almost was not, we were able to stop in the middle of the road to make a couple of shots through the window.

11. Fields of red poppies, of course, we as a fairy tale characters are not asleep, but wandered here is notable. Torturing hundreds of identical pictures you will not, therefore, be of only three :)





16. Actually originally we were supposed to call in a city with hard-to-pronounce the name of Székesfehérvár and see a castle Borie, but trite, we could not find it, people on the streets almost was not, and we Navigator screens somewhere else, so we had to go in another castle. Sümeg City is known for its strength, the country's largest and one of the most ancient. We traveled quite a long time around the hill trying to find parking and the way upstairs. I had to almost completely bypass the lock before we found the right place to us. The car left the parking lot to go on foot.


18. Still going up.


20. There was a funny moment, toward the left elevator who drove ... Caution! Bio-toilet. The slope of a hill is quite good, and slippery rocks, I remember it very carefully on the fence went around all the thought that God forbid he turn over, and the toilet overflowed.

21. We have almost reached the entrance to the castle, they heard some shouts behind us, turned around, we noticed panting knight. When lifting, we scored a good cruising speed, and by this fellow ran pretty fast, he does not even have time to tell us that the entrance fee.

22. As it turned out, this place who is divorced. We paid an entrance fee, but once inside were surprised to find that there is in full swing reconstruction. The castle is a complete building, a lot of work goes, look no matter what. Even leaving, I noticed that a small part of the castle still open, and climbed the tower. Julia did not go with me, but as if his whole appearance suggests that the time for lunch and time to go eat.

23. Inside the tower was a small armory, where absolutely nothing was removed. Well, except the soldiers of the reconstruction of a battle. Funny fellow with an ax tipped.

24. Sümeg more famous for the fact that there is arranged a full-fledged knight show, fighting with swords, axes, riding horses, but terribly lucky, arrived at exactly the time when there was a preparation for the tournament, namely, the arena was built, so that the knights could not see . But we had dinner there, I forgot to show you the famous Hungarian goulash.