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The most expensive and unusual canned

Canned food was invented in 1809 by Frenchman Nicolas Appert and has since enjoyed great popularity.
The main feature is their canned long term storage.
Especially, this product helps in emergency situations.
Now, the stores can be seen not only banks or stew of peas, but also very unusual preserves.
Before you 10 cans that will surprise both its price and unusual taste.

Black caviar

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: 9375 rubles (125 g)
Black caviar - one of the most elite delicacies as well as the most expensive canned product in the world. Europeans are willing to pay per kilogram of "food of kings" of up to € 5,000, while in Russia the cost of 125-gram cans up to 10 000. Because of such a high price caviar available the vast majority of Russians, and this despite the fact that Russia is one of the few countries in the number of exporters of premium product. The high price of the product in the first place due to the fact that every year to reduce the number of sturgeon in the Caspian Sea. By the way, because of this in 2003, Russia was officially banned commercial production of black caviar. Today, the country has plants in artificial breeding of sturgeon, which are the main "suppliers" elite product. That they extract eggs, which are allowed to sell legally.

Shellfish Abalone

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 119.5
Abalon - name clam, living mainly in the coastal waters of California, Mexico and Japan. Sink on abalone shaped like the human ear, which is why this type of shellfish often are called. Its meat is considered a delicacy that eat both raw and in canned form. True, this feast of seafood - not cheap - even despite the fact that today not only shellfish Abalon extracted naturally and artificially cultivated. Production of canned clams Abalon company does Calmex. Tasting delicacies will cost $ 119.5, for which he received three whole clam weighing just under 500, By the way, besides the fact that the meat is eaten abalone from its shell also make jewelry.

Chinese black truffles

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 64
If the conversation to gastronomic themes it comes to truffles, the first association of many to be associated with chocolates. Only real foodies think of gourmet mushrooms, which cost in the lean years can compete with the price of gold. In the world there are several types of truffles. The most affordable is Chinese black truffle, but we should not think that it is a forgery. The lower cost of Chinese truffles than European due to the fact that in China due to heavy growth can gather a good harvest these elite fungi. Chinese truffles are exported to Europe, and go to the manufacture of canned food. Fresh truffles are sold rare, and they are easier to find in canned form. Before the "rolling up" the banks are cleaned and truffles, not to spoil the taste, add them only truffle juice and salt.

Foie gras

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: £ 49,99
The phrase "fatty liver" does not sound very appetizing, but that's translated from French name of the world famous delicacy foie gras. Major producers, and in combination, and the main consumers of this product are the French elite. True, they did not, and the Egyptians invented the first fattened geese and ducks to produce unnaturally large and fatty liver of animals, from which then receive a delicacy. Externally, foie gras pate resembles, but differs way of cooking, a gentle creamy taste and texture. On sale of foie gras often found in canned form: «entire» - one piece and «bloc» - minced with individual pieces of liver. Serve delicacy should certainly cold. The product is made in slices with a knife without teeth and put on a slightly warmed bread.


The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 60
One of the favorite delicacies in France is the escargot. A beautiful name for hiding dish snails, which some French people prefer to collect the rain right in their own gardens. Eat snails for food began in ancient times. In medieval times they ate during Lent, and today this exquisite delicacy served to the table on holidays and during the dinner party. Very difficult to prepare escargot: snail meat need to get out of the shell, stuffed with herbs and garlic butter, and then lay back. As for canned escargot, they usually pour a spicy broth, which can be either very simple (water, salt and spices), and include some herbal supplements. Before the use of canned escargot soup should be emptied and rinsed snails under running water.


The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 28
Autumn is the season in Europe chestnuts. It was during this period of harvested their crops, and the cities are filled with fragrant smell of this delicacy, which is prepared in a roasting pan on the streets. Perhaps more than any other French chestnuts valued, not only for their flavor, but for the love of the story. According to legend, Jupiter was fascinated Neey nymph, but she did not return his affection, and turned into a beautiful tree with carved leaves and delicious fruit. In Russia, the chestnuts are eaten by Catherine II, but after the revolution reference product even disappeared from the pages of cookbooks. Perhaps that is why today on the streets of Russian cities are not roasted chestnuts. But they are available in canned form. Chestnuts rolled in banks in their own juice, and in sweet syrup and even brandy. In addition, the sale can be found canned chestnut puree.

Fried scorpions

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 5.99
The Europeans mere mention scorpions usually causes fear and disgust. But in Asia, by contrast, is not averse to eat them and even categorized delicacies. In China scorpions steamed and served on a thin pancake with sauce and vegetables, as well as make them barbecue, fry in hot oil with lime leaves and chili peppers. And recently went on sale and canned scorpions. The bank insects are already in the form of fried and ready to eat. By the way, under the influence of cooking destroys the poison, then a scorpion can eat quite fearlessly. Insect taste is often compared with the shrimp flavor, but with a slightly bitter aftertaste. In Asia, it is believed that scorpions have medicinal properties, and in Europe they are often bought as an exotic beer snacks.

Bamboo worms

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: £ 3,49
Until the mid-1980s in Thailand insects used for food mainly as a spice. But after the massive locust desperate farmers began to catch it, cook and eat. Insects in Thailand gradually began to turn into a kind of delicacy, and today one of the most popular among them are bamboo worms. Thais call it "mouth Duan Express" because of its size and relatively high speed. In reality, it is not worms, but grass moth larvae that are born and live in bamboo stems. Today, they produce not only cutting off the plant, but also farmed. Bamboo worms fried in oil and then packed in bags like chips, or packed in cans. Thanks crunch produced when eating them, bamboo worms compared with popcorn, but some specific taste they do not possess.

Crocodile meat in curry sauce

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: £ 10,99
Canned stew, in the home referred to simply stew today are nothing new. Another thing - preserved crocodile meat, which appeared on the shelves of grocery stores. Fair to say that the meat of alligators began to eat long ago. Many restaurants in Singapore-fried pieces reptiles are considered a hit menu. In Australia, the crocodile meat pie - one of the dishes the festive table, and in the U.S. of preparing alligator soup. Are not left behind and people of Thailand, which not only treat the crocodile meat curry arrived tourists to the country, but also preserve the product in some other way. Reptiles are grown on special farms, and non-edible parts of waterfowl are on the production of leather products. Preserved crocodile meat is ready to eat, and it is advised with jasmine rice.

Cobra meat

The most expensive and unusual canned food (10 photos)
Price: $ 14.5
It's no secret that the meat of snakes eat. In France, until the XVII century it was very popular because of its was thought to beneficial effects on the health and appearance. Thus, the writer Madame de Sevigne even advised her daughter one month a year to sit on the "viper diet." But if on the tables of Europeans and Americans, snake meat and did not stick, in Asia and Africa, on the contrary, the snake was one of the "king" of the menu. Nearly all snakes, including venomous (of course, after the removal of venom glands and special treatment), edible and usable. And one of the main specialties is the snake cobra meat: of it prepare a variety of fresh foods, and canned. Outside Asia is preserved meat cobra can be found on the shelves of ethnic foods and taste.



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