Friday, October 19, 2012

How many animals do not feed ...

A lot of times already, this topic is raised, but the examples of brave or foolish given more and more.

A year ago, a couple from the South African city Brakpana - Michael Jamison and Jackie Smith - has got his unusual pet - a Bengal tiger named Enzo (Enzo).
When they purchased "kitty," he was only a few weeks. At the end of the year Enzo into a large 170-pound tiger to eat daily for about five pounds of meat.

However, Enzo just looks like a formidable predator in nature, he looks more like a normal cat. For example, he likes to lie on the couch and on to sharpen his claws, like being stroked.

Enzo is very good natured tiger and gets along with fourteen dogs, which kept Michael and Jackie.

Each day begins with morning Enzo march to the kitchen, where he jumps on the table and waiting when the owners will prepare it the traditional bottle of milk and the other is clear.
Tight Tiger goes to take a nap after breakfast on the vacant bed or lounge chair in the yard. Waking up, he goes to play with Michael, or watch TV in the living room.

According to the 37-year-old owner of a large Bengal cat, "Enzo - is an amazing thing.
You can not compare it to what it may have, because every day is unique to the Enzo. "

"Playing with Tiger quite dangerous, because he might accidentally hurt your teeth or claws to the blood, even if you do not want it" - says Michael.
- "So, playing with him, I am always ready to what can be a little scratched."

Bengal Tigers (Latin: Panthera tigris bengalensis) - subspecies of tiger, which inhabits the natural environment in India, Burma and Nepal, as well as in Bangladesh, in the vicinity of the river Ganges.
Population of the species has about 2.5 thousand individuals with the prospect of cuts. In Bangladesh, Bengal tiger is the national animal of the state. The special status it has in India.

Color Bengal tigers range from yellow to light orange, with streaks of black to dark brown.
Rare white Bengal tigers, and with brown stripes on a white fur. Even rarer - absolutely no white streaks. Also, white tigers are different from their yellow cousins ​​blue eyes.

The average weight of males is about 230 kg.
Bengal tiger roar can be heard at a distance of three kilometers.

In the past there have been cases of attacks on humans Bengal tigers.
Scientists associated with the man-eating tigers, that they sometimes attack porcupines, causing the needle pierce deep in the legs and not go out, causing excruciating pain. This predator can not catch large prey, and selects a spirited small game, and sometimes people.

Cool, beautiful, but is it worth risking your life and the lives of his family?



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