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the history of the motorcycle

Motorcycles have appeared almost simultaneously with the cars, and even a few ranshe.Ideya install the engine on a bicycle occurred to many inventors. And of course in the late 19th century, the most accessible and could be a simple steam engine.

A bicycle with a steam engine design Perrault (1869).

Michaud and Roper Motorcycle

Those wishing to equip the bike lacked the steam engine, of course, and after Michaud and Roper, but usually when this was taken as a basis for three-wheeled car, and the result is something that has more to do with the history of the car than a motorcycle. From the same two-wheeled creations of an American motorcycle should be noted Lucius Copeland, built it in 1884 (according to some sources - in 1881).

Taking the wheel spider, "Star," Copeland has established over the rear wheel of a cylindrical boiler, the boiler was located on an inverted cylinder. The fuel tank could hold a liter of gasoline - for assurance of the inventor of the amount of fuel should be enough to beat an hour of work. The engine developed capacity 0.25 liters. a. at 1000 rev / min, and the entire site "cylinder - pot" weighed only 9 kg - a great figure for that time. From the engine torque is transmitted to the rear wheel strap. Copeland was not only an inventor but also a tireless promoter of new ways of movement. He published pamphlets and he traveled the entire United States, demonstrating the effect of a miracle machine. Later, he built several two-and three-wheeled vehicles with engines of this type.

As a rule, they were born in the workshops of the future automakers, who tried to force a more simple technique.

The same thing happened with Gottlieb Daimler, who in 1885 first introduced the public some sort of future motorcycle. Then it was a very original bike with a motor. The frame as well as the wheel was made of wood. And the wheels were not two but four, and all, instead of rubber tires were covered with iron svehu. Under the seat and between the legs "rider" was located an internal combustion engine design Daimler, who had the power 0.5 hp The fuel could be used in gasoline or kerosene. To run the power plant, originally had a gasoline heater heat the copper glow tube, which subsequently ignites the fuel mixture. The engine ran the crank, and if all was well, this operation took about one minute.

To begin the movement by the rider regulate the tension of the two flat leather belts transmitted power engine rear wheel. Stop achieved through the weakening of the belt and the pressing of a wooden block to the rear wheel pulley. Weighed a miracle 70 pounds and moving at an average speed of 12 km / h than caused great surprise among others. Very often, people could not understand why you need two additional wheels. The explanation was as simple - just Daimler did not know how to ride a bike, therefore, could not have a motorcycle. Two side wheel rescued from frequent falls.

Despite the primitiveness of the first invention in the world of motorcycles, the main principles of its creation was laid. G.Daymler made his motorbike mainly in order to check in practice and to know the characteristics of internal combustion engine.

The first pilot of a desperate two-wheeled beast invincible to an internal combustion engine was Wilhelm Maybach.

Mass production of motorcycle history began only in 1894, when the two masters, and Hildebrand Volfmyuller, have created a motorcycle of his own design. A little later, it began selling in most European countries.

Unfortunately, the success was short-lived. Due to the very original, but still failed construction trade has become completely unprofitable. For this reason, in 1989, had to curtail production.

At the same time and Volfmyullerom Hildebrand, who started the development of new, improved model, sold in Paris in full light motorcycle design French brothers Werner. In fact, it was a bicycle with a small motor, installed above the front wheel and front wheel. Due to the fact that the inventors of motorcycles is not very advanced, putting in motion this version, like its predecessors, was carried out with a belt.

Similar structures were produced even in the 50s!

In 1898, shortly after Werner, set up your bike and the Czechs, Clement Laurin. It was already more advanced machine than the motorbike. The motor is centered in the frame and was supplied with magneto ignition on.

Transferring power to the rear wheel was provided with a thick flat strap. The Czechs, along with his model became the latest volume in the period of time when all the engineers developed the bikes around the same design, do that without knowing it. A little later, around the 30s, there has been some division, in which some have succeeded more than others. Naturally, this has left its imprint of the first world war.

Motorcycles vengeance began to appear not only in Europe but in America. Along with the cars they occupied a prominent place in the life of towns and villages. The only difference was that on a motorcycle drove people are less wealthy than on cars.

For example, in Germany, one of the most popular and accessible was a simple "DKW - 140", first released in 1922 by the manufacturer, "Rasmussen AG."

The motorcycle began to produce after the bike of the same name, and he earned great popularity due to run around in Germany. In the latest apparent features such as simplicity and good driving characteristics. In a way it consumed about two liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, and moved with a maximum speed of 65 km / h It is not easy to imagine that he weighed only 46 pounds and is put on the foot lever pressing. The seat was designed for one person, but on the back of the trunk could put a bit of cargo.

BMW Company, which manufactures aircraft engines, has released the first motorcycle in 1923. The model carried the designation "R42", and even then it laid a firm line of BMW motorcycles, and later manifested in other embodiments, two-wheeled vehicles.

They are in the following years there was a lot of sporting success, primarily in the class of motorcycles with sidecars trailed. Moreover, in 1929 the "BMW" set a world speed record, several times superior to 279.5 km / h in 1937. Bavarian firstborn "R42", in particular, was equipped with a two-cylinder engine nizhneklapannym 12 hp (Rotational speed of 4000 rev / min and a maximum speed of 95 km / h, which, as seen above, has been much improved).

Undoubtedly, the most original motorcycle at that time was "Czech Republic", sold a Czech customer called "Czech Republic" (Cechie), and German - as "Bomerland" (Böhmerland). This is explained by the fact that the plant was on the border with Germany.

Attracted the attention of the bike itself is an unusual length, which allowed the rider to ride three, seated side by side. Wheels could easily pass for a car. Front established a hefty lamp, and rear - two of the four fuel tanks.

Power single-cylinder engine of the "monster" was equal to 16 hp, the gearbox was a three-stage with manual transmission (with a long arm). When the mass of 180 kilograms, this looked like a real machine of iron "horse" in comparison with polumototsiklami-poluvelosipedami.

1928 in motorcycle history was marked with two interesting models, released in English-speaking countries. The first - "Indiana Prince", gathering at a factory in Springfield, and reflected the state of American industry this trend, which is worth noting, developed almost the same rate as in Europe.

The key to success in mototrekah were mainly two-cylinder engine with overhead valve timing mechanism to nizhneraspolozhennym camshaft and pistons, rotating in opposite directions. When the volume 494 cc power unit was 35 hp at 6500 rev / min. Maximum speed was equal to 153 km / h In combination with the stroller trailed this figure is certainly diminished.

Motorcycles brand "Harley-Davidson" are currently very popular among the affluent fans of rock music.

Among them, only the real enthusiasts know that the first copies of their worship appeared in the beginning of the century in a small shed where William Harley and Arthur Davidson began to produce motorcycles.

In 1907 their production has already begun to use the American police, who managed to evaluate a large wheelbase, optimally placed wide seat and wide handlebars.

In 1930, the "Harley-Davidson" presented the result of many developments, time-tested. It was not a very easy bike "Harley-Davidson 750" classic exterior with two-cylinder engine and a three nizhneklapannym transmission with manual transmissions. The motorcycle is then characterized by the combined colored fuel tank, and the handlebars were attached two headlamps.

These representatives of motorcycle technology, however, as some of the other two-wheeled designs, reflect the first period of the history of the bike (from about 1880 to 1930.), Where all manufacturers have formed the basic principles of construction vehicles in its class. Later started a fierce competition of brands, which individually produced improved model.

And now, some pictures from the history of the motorcycle.

FN (Fabrique Nationale de Herstal), renowned manufacturer of motor vehicles and fire equipment produced motorcycles s1901 to 1967. Model 1913.

Garelli, 1913 (left) and Evans Power Cycle (right), 1919.

Indian Scout, 1928.

Motorcycle Sokol 1000 mzgotovlenny in Poland used by both private owners and in the Polish army in 1930.

Bike Keeps Family in Stitches (Oct, 1939)

Indian Motorcycle of chetirehtsilindrovym engine (left) i.mototsikl Dream Motorcycle One U.S. 1950

Motorcycle NSU Sportmax (Germany) won the Grand Prix. 1950.

Motorcycle Knoreka Francois (François Knorreck), a French technique for medical equipment.

Many people in different countries is photos in albums where they are in childhood or adult photographed against the backdrop of the "iron" horse.

And finally, a little bit about the "Ural".

"Ural" was a copy, an exact copy of the German BMW-R71. But it had a more glorious destiny, and a long successful history. Based on this, quite a successful model has been created "Ural" M-75 sport bike first Soviet production.

Export deliveries Uralov began in 1953. First motorcycles were delivered to the countries of the socialist camp, as well as in several developing countries, where they were used mainly in the army and police. Since the 70s Ural motorcycles are available in Europe.

In the picture - the owner of the Soviet Urals town of Wichita in the heart of the U.S.

Owners and fans of clubs "Ural" exist not only in the former Soviet Union and, for example, in the United States and Canada. A motorcycle shops that allow it to have a good margin. By the way, the motorcycle "Ural" marked at the exhibition IMS Cycle World Show 2007 in Long Beach (California). On the stand dedicated to the Soviet motorcycles adorned, "Ural", tuned by the American company Ural Chicago, which sells a variety of "brought" options "Ural".

Ural GearUp (Ural Military) USA.

Ural Retro (Retro Urals), the United States.

Ural Motorcycle on display at the Exhibition Center Long Beach - California, USA.

The main market for Irbit motorcycle factory today are North America, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and Gulf countries

Modern "Ural" delivered in the U.S. "Desert."



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