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Rocket Car RAK-2

From 1926 to 1930. Germany is actively experimented with the use of jet engines. Moreover, the inventors predicted their widespread use in the aviation and automotive industry. The grandson of Adam Opel - Fritz von Opel (Fritz von Opel) was very enthusiastic in the matter. His first experience with rocket began with the installation on the car of two solid-fuel rocket engineer and inventor Frederick William Sander (Friedrich Wilhelm Sander). Chassis for the unusual in those days the power unit, used car from an ordinary Opel Kleinwagen 4.
"Rocket Car" Opel on the road in Berlin in 1928.

The first behind the wheel of such an unusual combination of two different technologies offered to sit down racer Kurt Folkart (Kurt Volkhart), a German by nationality. The first race was a failure - the rocket did not create the required acceleration and the car, wrapped in clouds of smoke, drove at a speed of 5 km / h in just 150 meters.
Rocket Racing Car "Opel" has reached a speed of eight seconds at 100 miles an hour, Berlin, 1928.

Within a month for 12 solid rocket system have been installed on Sander specially designed for experiments car Opel Rak 1. From conventional cars of those years he was noted for small wings on the body and lower body parts. Behind the wheel again was allowed to sit Folkartu Kurt and all the action going on in the town avtotreke Shenauerhofe.
The second test with a "rocket car" Opel ended miserably. The speed of the first test was 235 kilometers per hour, but when he was "charged" to reach a speed of 350 km per hour, the car rolled over and exploded. Germany 1928.

This time the experiment was more successful. And while of the 12 missiles five refused, however, managed to overcome the mark of 100 km / h on the highway segment length of 1500 meters. A good check only provoke the team of inventors, and it was decided to construct the following model of a car with a jet engine to establish a record skorosti.Po job Fritz von Opel, planned for, it was decided to build a completely new racing car. Taken as the basis of race car "Bugatti» (Bugatti), which established three jet engines of Sander's new design. The car got its own name - Volkhart-R1.
German engineer People Hardt in his rocket car racing Opel. 1930

At the same time it was started the construction of Opel Rak 2. The power unit already had 24 missiles, each of which provided a thrust of 250 kg. A ride on this car himself the grandson of the creator intended brand Opel.
The first was ready for testing Opel Rak 2. The historic race grandson of Adam Opel held May 23, 1928 Check in time is 24 seconds, for which the vehicle could cover the distance of 1,800 meters. Vehicle speed was just fantastic - 238 km / h And not only for the public, but also for the background of Opel - more, he never sat at the wheel of jet cars.
Fritz von Opel rocket car near the Opel. 1930

Tests Volkhart-R1 were held in the autumn of that year, though to beat the speed record failed. But it is known that the arrival in November 1928 Folkarta., Where driving a car Volkhart-R1, it was known as a tandem rider and passenger in a car with a jet engine. The role of the brave passengers were offered a familiar rider, and the race went off without accidents, but no records. And yet, despite the progress rate, Fritz von Opel had become indifferent to the idea of ​​equipping cars jet engines and switched to other modes of transport.
The rear panel of rocket racing cars are Opel in 1930 in Germany develop a speed of 200 km. per hour

arallelno with cars, the idea to install rocket engines to spread and popular in those years, motorcycles. April 1, 1929 Folkart at the famous Nurburgring race track testing produced motorcycle with Duma set of three missiles Sander. Experience has proved successful, and already 19 May 1929 on a motorcycle Opel Motorclub SS with a 14-Tew missiles another rider Lurcat Otto (Otto Luhrs) was able to shoot in front of astonished spectators.
Rocket-car racing in 1930, Opel in Germany has a top speed of 200 km. per hour.

But, as the designers themselves felt, cars and motorcycles would not be able to develop greater speed, so it was decided to switch to rapidly gaining popularity in the years aviation. And in June 1928 Fritz von Opel buys aircraft Lippisch developed a model glider Ente. Engineer and inventor Sander develops and installs them on a new type of missile, but the first run blast over the airframe.

The second copy of Opel-Sander RAK 3, or as it is called the Opel-Hatry RAK 3, because all these names have been put on board the aircraft, equipped with 16 missiles and Tew was installed on the booster catapult. Flight tests were successful - the distance that crossed the plane for 75 seconds, was more than 1.5 km. The flight went down in history aviation as the first manned flight of an aircraft equipped with rocket engines. However, the landing was very unsuccessful and the aircraft was badly damaged. Frustrated by such frequent accidents, Fritz von Opel, grandson of the legendary Adam Opel, refuses to fund further development. Actually, the story of Opel in the development of rocketry and aviation, and ends by making it brighter and its revolutionary events.



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