Friday, September 21, 2012

Craft of nature

NORTH Imperial MUHOED (Flycatchers)

In ordinary life, in appearance crowned muhoeda hard to notice anything unusual. Only with a strong excitation of the bird is fully deploys its splendid crest and then looks extremely elegant. The feathers forming the crest, the male fiery-red with blue tips, the females of different races fiery-red color is replaced by orange or yellow. When the crest is complex, it forms a kind of opposite to the projection of a fairly long and wide beak, making a bird's head shape is a bit like a hammer.

Crowned muhoed kept singly or in pairs in the shady forests of the plains. A wide beak muhoeda provides a convenient trap for insects, and long bristles on the side of the mouth increases the trapping surface and protect the eyes from the collision with the loot.

Distribution: Distribution - from southern Mexico to Guyana, Bolivia and Brazil. Habitat: moist shady edges of forests, usually near streams. --



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