Monday, July 8, 2013

Motorcycles Russian Empire

Continued collection of photographs dedicated to the motorcycle theme of the Russian Empire.The previous part here . Photos found at different times in the back of the internet, so the author / copyright holder is not specified (if still available). I can only say that the pair of them with rcforum.

1. Arrival motorcycle company. 1915 2. On Khodynskoe airport. 1914 3. Lieutenant Golubyatenkov with Indian motorcycle on which he finished second in the race for 1200 km. 1912 4. Children on a Harley. Of 1914-1917. 5.Sanitary Squad Car-Russian Zemsky Union. Harley motorcycle. 1915 Major-General Vladimir Voyeykov (on a motorcycle) visiting motorcycle team stationed at the headquarters of the Emperor Nicholas II. Of 1915-1917.Automotive platoon. 1914-1916, the winter in Tarnopol. 1917 Four biker Harley and skiing. Of 1914-1915.Postcard from the war. 1916 Another Samokatnaya company. 1916



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