Monday, July 22, 2013

Calling Heaven: the building of the first kilometer skyscraper

Just recently I did an overview of the latest news stories and high-rise construction in the world , but life goes on, in March began the construction of the first in the history of mankind skyscraper height of over 1000 meters!  superneboskreb Actually this is supposed to be built in Dubai in the last year (Al Burj), but because of the outbreak of the global financial crisis, the project was canceled in 2009, 
the same time overcome the temptation of the first symbolic milestone of 1,000 meters has been so great that there were doing to do this with any financial weather. Ultra-high tower will be built in Saudi Arabia 50 km. from the city of Jeddah. Currently, the project is known as Kingdom_Tower and estimated height should reach 1007 meters, which is about 200 meters surpass the record of the tower Burj Khalifa in Dubai (828 meters)around the Kingdom Tower is to grow a city of 80 million inhabitants. Funny that the palm is a high-rise building is returned to those regions where it once started (Tower of Babel). During the development of the new project has to follow a certain forum . Already published images (visualization) of the future skyscraper:

architectural highlight is balcony-saucer: There is a video .



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