Friday, July 26, 2013


"2, 1, 0, engines began to work, the rocket began to climb, the rocket began to climb, it illuminates the area around here as bright as day!" - Cried on the air controller startup. 
"Houston, Tranquility in touch. Eagle Has Landed" - these were the first words of the lunar mission, after landing on the moon. 
rocket launch took place on 16 July 1969, 13:32 local time in Florida. After 11 minutes and 53 seconds the rocket was launched into low Earth circular orbit at an altitude 190.8 km., After a few turns around the Earth ship went to the moon.

1. The expedition consisted of three men, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin, all astronauts have traveled 2,389,768 miles, having spent 8 days in space, 3 hrs and 18 minutes, landing in the Pacific Ocean July 24, 1969, where they waited for the aircraft carrier U.S. Navy - Hornet. During the flight, the capsule is strictly kept his course, and required only one adjustment, although it was planned four. 2. After starting the vehicle went into the valley of the Sea of Tranquility, the valley is of great interest to geologists because there were steep cliffs, rolling hills, and a large pile of stones. Thus astronauts will take samples of volcanic rocks relatively young and older, rocks at once. 3. Buggy or Lunar Rover, the car got to the moon first time the Apollo 15 flight. Buggy has a length of 3.1 m, height 1.12 m, weight was only 204 kg. in the world, or 34 kg. at the Lunar gravity load capacity is 450 kg at the Earth's gravity. Left in front of the high-frequency antenna is located next to it - the camera, next to the driver's feet was a second antenna for low frequency, and next to it a second camera.The seats recline beneath them were two small boxes for the collection of rocks, buggy controlled by the joystick, which was located between the seats in the rear of the car was a tool for collecting rocks and drill, just in case, the antenna back - another camera. By the way, all cameras have made about 2,100 images on the Moon, and 22 hours, 4 minutes of video, 4. After a 2 hour 31 minutes and 40 seconds spent on the moon, the astronauts began to gather ago.Altogether, 21.55 kg of lunar rock samples. Now, in the Mission Control Center you can touch the moon, by the way, are available to the public only 8 stones that can be touched. The stone age 3.8 million years. 5. Altogether during the expedition to the moon brought back to Earth 382 kg. rocks from 6 different points of the moon. Research papers have enhanced the understanding of the history of the Earth and the Solar System. 6. Stone on the left is taken from the moon during the Apollo 15 expedition. They write that the stone was formed 4 billion years ago when a meteorite hit, at high temperature and pressure. Stone contains many minerals. Black cube next to the rock indicates minerals, which are part of the breed. Right - a piece of lava. 7. 8. Different elements in pure form, are present in a large amount of stone. 9. By the way, privezennyx rocks were found some of the minerals that are not found on Earth. For those who want to learn more about flying to the moon, I advise you to read the article on Wikipedia . *** See also: NASA - Internal exposure NASA - Training Center




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