Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Vaynglass Bay and Freycinet National Park ...

On the east coast of Tasmania, south of Australia, Freycinet National Park, with its stunning bay Vaynglass (wine glass). The name was chosen because the shape resembles the bay is on the glass ...

залив вайнгласс

Another distinguishing feature of these places are pink granite peaks line up on the beach. They are called the "danger", respectively, and the beach beach dangers
залив вайнгласс

национальный парк фрейсине
Among the Australians the place has been known for a long time. It can be great to spend time dealing with fishing, boating, kayaking. Also in the park, Freycinet is a very good place for rock climbing, and just relaxing on the beach under the warm rays of the sun

Despite this natural beauty, this place is rarely visited by tourists, it is not on the tourist map of the world. The reason for this remoteness from civilization and the inaccessibility of Tasmania. The nearest airport is located in Launceston, a 2 hour drive from Freycinet National Park




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