Friday, July 13, 2012

London 1940 in color

On the night of October 14, 1940 a bomb exploded near a metro station Belem, killing 68 people. Bus number 88 fell into the crater.

Double-decker bus was still visible on the background of torn asphalt and curved beams

London roads are deserted and covered with debris after the air raid

Firefighters are struggling to cope with the fire arose after a direct bomb hit in dom.1940

Working in central London are trying to clear the ruins near the church after a massive air raid

Workers remove rubble and debris from the collapsed building

Symbol of resistance Brits - the Parliament building on a sunny day

Destroyed by a London district

View of the Old Bailey and the effects of German air raids

A man tries to keep a sense of normality, reading a book on a park bench



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