Monday, July 16, 2012

Tikal - the largest city of the Maya ...

Tikal - ancient Mayan city, located in what is now Guatemala. This is one of the largest centers dokolumbiyskoy Mayan civilization, culminating in 700 AD. While most structures were built in the period from 600 to 900 AD, there is also the ruins of structures related to the 400 years before our era ...


Tikal - the object that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ruins include five large temples, pyramids, and numerous tombs, graves and burial, and other structures. In total there are about three thousand different structures.
In recent years there has been running a large-scale restoration, initiated by the Government of Guatemala and the University of Pennsylvania. It was restored a number of very important monuments that were threatened with extinction are listed in order of all the other structures. The restoration continues to this day.
Together with the neighboring territories, Tikal was renamed the country's authorities to the National Park. These places are carefully guarded, and maintained in excellent order.
тикаль крупнейший город майя

For Star Wars fans will be familiar to those places, as it is here that there were shooting an episode of the fourth film, but the ruins were used as the base of the rebels.

Getting here is easy from the nearby towns - Flores and Guatemala City. They also can stop by selecting suitable accommodation for themselves.




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