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different technologies doors

Сдвижная бабочка совершает суицид ножницами
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors. Photo:

It is not surprising that modern automakers are struggling innovations, and the fact that each year there are new into the world of technology, totally does not surprise us.
In an attempt to attract more customers worldwide brands focus on specific parts of the car, whether the engine, wheels, interior decoration materials, or ... door.
It turns out that the doors are almost a key role. Moreover, a number of companies are planning to steal the lion's share of the market with different technologies doors. And the best example - the "blue oval" because Ford has recently introduced a new B-Max - a model that combines traditional and sliding doors.
Returning to the subject, it is worth noting that over the last decade, active door designs have evolved, and although the classical mechanism is still the most popular, there are many other exotic and eye-catching designs.
It is difficult to classify the door in different categories. In total there are seven basic types (or six, not counting the usual): butterfly wings, the wings of a seagull, scissors, suicidal, movable and verhnepodvesnye. Observers Portal Autoevolution not going too deeply into the history and analyze the pros and cons. They decided to limit the representation structures and the use of their cars.
Wings of a butterfly. As you might guess from the name, they are distributed among supercars and exotic models that can boast of a brilliant performance. In other words, these doors are mainly contributing to the aggressive image and less focused on how people climb up and get out of the car.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Ferrari Enzo
These doors open outwards and then upwards, which really improves access. However, they can influence the internal space, but this item is not in the spotlight.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Saleen S7
Such a system is used Ferrari Enzo, Saleen S7, Mercedes SLR McLaren and the McLaren F1, although some of them use a slightly modified design.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
McLaren F1
Suicide doors. Although they have such an ambiguous name, the suicide doors found on more or less the traditional cars, but now even the popular ones. The best example - Opel Meriva, which uses a feature called "Flex", that is, suicide doors scheme with minor modifications.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Opel Meriva
These doors are mounted on hinges to its rear edge, and thus open in the opposite direction. Why are they so called? Various sources suggest that the passengers who tried to close the speed of a door, resisting the flow of air, just fell out of the car and died. The explanation seems logical.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Rolls Royce Phantom
The machines that use these doors are the aforementioned Opel Meriva. Rolls Royce Phantom, Spyker D12 and partly Mazda RX-8.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Mazda RX-8
Wings of gulls. Almost impossible to speak of the doors in the gull-wing style, without mentioning the German automaker Mercedes. This scheme was first implemented on the Mercedes 300 SL - the doors were fastened on the roof and opened up.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Mercedes SLS
Such an evil design contributes more aggressive appearance, but it is doubtful useful in densely populated urban areas with limited parking.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Gumpert Apollo
Among the models that prefer a layout, it is worth noting Mercedes SLS AMG, Gumpert Apollo, DeLorean DMC-12 and Pagani Huayra.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Pagani Huayra
Door-scissors. If you car enthusiast, chances are that you love Lamborghini. And if you love the Lamborghini, then you already know what kind of door. While Lamborghini is using this design for quite some time, presented the design of another Italian brand - Alfa Romeo models in their Carabo in 1968.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Lamborghini Aventador
The system is simple enough. It uses a standard loop in front of the door, but instead of rotating the outside (as in the conventional door) hinged to the vertical configuration is used.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Spyker C8
"Scissors" come in handy in tight parking lots to owners of Lamborghini Aventador, Diablo, Murcielago, Reventon, Spyker C8 and C12 Zagato, Bugatti EB110 and the Honda HSC.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Bugatti EB110
Sliding doors. We see them every day for minivans and commercial vehicles. They use this design for easy access.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Renault Kangoo
The doors are installed on the guide, so the opening is sufficient to move them horizontally. Most interesting is that automakers are spreading and sliding doors on passenger cars in order to facilitate access to the salon in the daily struggle with a lack of parking spaces.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Peugeot 1007
These include the Renault Kangoo, Peugeot 1007, Citroen C8, Chrysler Voyager, although some use the modified configuration.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Chrysler 700C
Verhnepodvesnye door. If you do not know what it is, a prompt will cockpit. This is sort of a dome, which rises vertically upwards, thus giving access to almost a fantastic salon.
If you wear a tuxedo, then drive a car is like a nightmare, but you can park is literally an inch from the other machines, to discover the "tent" and jump out.
If you're wondering who came to mind this arrangement - the guys from Volkswagen have done something similar to the one-liter concept several years ago. Ferrari tried to distinguish himself on the concept of innovation Modulo in 1970. And of course the Saab Aero-X of 2006.
Sliding Butterfly commits suicide with scissors
Saab Aero-X
In the end, the choice of plan depends on you (or rather from your bank account). Standard doors are the most realistic option, although it is clear that other options also have a right to exist. Does anyone want to verhnepodvesnye door?



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