Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Second World War: Do you remember how it all began?

Arson Reystaga February 27, 1933

The capture in March 1936 the demilitarized Rhineland

Part of the republican militia equipped with a local girl near Aragon, 1936.

Mussolini on the Wehrmacht's military exercises in 1937

Tanks of the German Condor Legion in Spain

Signs of the Times. March 12, 1938 Vienna Square, named after Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dolfussa, who was killed during an attempted Nazi coup in 1934, gets its new name.

Volunteer firefighters are fighting fires caused by Japanese bombing

The Japanese soldiers are in the Chinese city

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain arrived at the airport Heston after the Munich Conference in September 1938.

Czech President Emil Hacha, left in complete isolation of the Munich agreement passes its state in the hands of Germany

Kristallnacht, November 9-10, 1938

Spanish refugees on the border with France, the beginning of 1939

German soldiers marching through the Memel, March 23, 1939




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