Friday, November 30, 2012

Garden of Poisonous Plants

Near the second largest castle in Britain is a garden Alnvika. He is famous because this is where you can wander among the poisonous plants, many of which can cause instant death.

A. Alnvika Garden is located next to the eponymous castle in Northumberland. This public garden - the second largest in the United Kingdom.

Two. The garden is growing about a hundred representatives of various narcotic plants is prohibited by law, of which produce opium and other drugs. Also here you can see belladonna (deadly nightshade), hemlock and other dangerous plants.

Three. Parks and gardens in the province have begun to actively develop as early as 1750, but dangerous plants are there in a few centuries.

4. The idea of ​​updating the gardens owned by the current Duchess of Northumberland, who became the mistress of the castle in 2000. Five years later, the Duchess laid a draft of poison garden. The idea of ​​the mistress of the castle was not new - like a garden existed near the Italian city of Padua, where the Medici grew poisonous plants.
Five. Originally the garden was to be found and medicinal plants, which are then removed to maintain the status of the garden.

6. Wander in the garden alone is prohibited. Each group is accompanied by a tourist guide, who makes sure people do not touch the plants. Throughout the garden you can see the signs warning of the danger.
7. Garden plants poisonous guarded round the clock, some of its plantations are located behind the barbed wire. The idea of ​​the garden - let people know how dangerous drugs. On this and says the guide.
Eight. Chatter from the plant, which promises a health hazard.
9. Near the plant installed warning signs.
10. For security reasons, many plants are under the wire.



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