Friday, November 2, 2012

The Winners Of The World 2012 Contest Photos Of Birds

The birds ... They are descendants of dinosaurs, and on the earth today are almost 9800 species of birds.
The World Photography Contest of birds took place December 7, 2011 to March 26, 2012.
Its purpose - to awaken an interest in birds, talk about their diversity and beauty, and inspire photographers of wildlife in the art.
Impartial jury selected 3 winners, 4 shot were awarded special prizes, and 10 were awarded gifts.
Let's start with the last ten.
"Submarine Killer."
Cape gannets attack sardine shoal off the coast of South Africa. (Photo by Chris Fallows):

3925073_05s (700x466, 71Kb)

A flock of eiders in the wake of Siberia.
(Photo by Harri Taavetti):

3925073_06s (700x462, 131Kb)
"In the fog."
Papuanskie penguins in Antarctica. (Photo Jaime Rojo):

3925073_04s (700x476, 70Kb)
Fearless crested honey buzzard during lunch (Photo by Rosa Shieh):

3925073_07s (700x466, 117Kb)
A stunning shot, depicting the attack on the neck eared jackal. (Photo by Philip Perry):

3925073_08s_1_ (700x525, 112Kb)
Ptarmigan on a walk in the extreme cold.
(Photo by Ron McCombe):

3925073_09s (700x520, 89Kb)
"For the second before taking off."
Derkach - cautious bird, usually hiding in the grass and it is rarely seen in the sky. (Photo by Eugenijus Kavaliauskas):

3925073_10s (700x486, 64Kb)
"Gift of kiddies."
Krasnoborodaya Shchurko night lizard is caught in its nest. (Photo: Cornelius Foley):

3925073_11s (700x464, 28Kb)
"Spring snow".
American River swallows basking each other. (Photo by Keith Williams):

3925073_12s (700x467, 65Kb)
A huge flock of krasnoklyuvyh weaverbirds and the African elephant.
(Photo by Antero Topp):

3925073_13s (700x437, 161Kb)
We turn to the photos, which received special prizes.
Total 4 image.
"The Nest".
Thick-Wang. (Photo by Pete Morris):

3925073_15s (700x490, 77Kb)
Best photo of the birds under threat of extinction.
Raketohvostaya loddigeziya in flight. (Photo by Dubi Shapiro):

3925073_16s (700x465, 26Kb)
The best pictures from a digital "soap box".
Couple hrustanov. (Photo by Jacob Hochuli):

3925073_14s (700x480, 137Kb)
Best group photo of birds.
Dwarf Shchurko. (Photo by Kit Day):

3925073_17s (700x490, 62Kb)
We went to the three main prizes.

1st place.
Pelagic cormorant trying to grab at least one of the thousands of fish. (Photo by Cristobal Serrano):

3925073_01s (700x466, 78Kb)
2nd place.
"On the surface". Loon. (Photo by Mike Murray):

3925073_02s (700x560, 34Kb)
3rd place.
The process of courtship Calliope Hummingbird - the smallest species of hummingbirds in North America. (Photo by Walter Nussbaumer):

3925073_03s (700x455, 44Kb)



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