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Around the World in 80 diets

To gather factual material for his new book, a married couple Mezelyu authors Peter and Faith D'Alyuizio from California had to spend a million dollars and three years time. They traveled the world and studied the daily ration of 80 representatives from different countries and peoples. The result is a very interesting book that compares the differences in the national diet and their caloric content. If you are interested, for example, is different than your average daily diet of what eats for lunch warrior Massai, here you will find the answer.
The book is written in lively, interesting language and comes with lots of photos. We offer a look at some of them.

Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света

Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света
A. Fitter Jeff Devine of Chicago eats his lunch every day on the job - that is, at 50 th floor of a house under construction. This person is physically hard work associated with prolonged stay in the open air. So he can afford to close for lunch. Calories his daily ration reaches 6600 kcal per day. His height is 185 cm, weight 106 kg, age 39 years. That is, he is in good physical shape. Jeff Devine attentive to their health, so it does not use fast-food, but prefers to bring food, which is prepared at home.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света Two. A daily lunch is the third of four wives of the leader of the Masai, Nulkisaruni Tarakuay, who lives with his family in Kenya a village near the town of Narok. The simple dishes are placed in the trunk of the tree, which struck down a wild elephant. Nulkisaruni Tarakuay 38 years old, her height 165.1 cm, and weighs about 47 kg. On the day it consumes about 800 calories. She lives in a hut with walls made of earth mixed with manure. The main occupation of most of the Maasai - a cattle-breeding. The tribe has a semi-nomadic life, and basic foods are maize porridge and milk. Some of the rituals of the Maasai include drinking cow's blood.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света Three. Chinese Xiao Xia-li - a professional acrobat. She performs at the Shanghai Circus World. Like all members of her profession, it must remain miniature. She is now 16 years old, her height 157 cm, weight 44.8 kg. On the day it consumes 1700 calories. Placing it on the bench daily diet. Hsia Hsiao-li began performing in the circus when I was still a little girl. Now she still continues her studies, along with fellow troupe. The day must deal with not less than five hours. Performances are at the circus every day. Hsia Hsiao-li said that her most happy when the audience enthusiastically takes her number.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света
4. Camel Market Birkash on the outskirts of Cairo in Egypt. Merchant camels Abdul Saleh Fadlallah, an improvised couch , the photographer shows his lunch. His age is 40 years old, height 172 cm and weight 74.7 kg. On the day he consumes an average of 3200 kcal.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света Five. Singing teacher and composer Annecy Sauka rehearsing with the Chamber Riga youth choir in Riga, Latvia. On the lid of the piano especially for the photographer placed his dinner. Annecy Sauka 36 years old, 182.8 cm and weight 82.8 kg. Energy value of his daily diet of 3200 kcal. In general, the work of the pianist requires a fairly large energy consumption. For example, a musician with the parameters as in Annecy, Sauk, one hour of play on the piano burns about 110 calories.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света 6. The head monk partially restored the monastery, located on the Tibetan Plateau in China. On the table are arranged his daily meal. With the growth of 165.1 cm and weight 71 kg and 45-year-old monk, a day consume 4900 calories.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света 7. 30-year veteran of the war in Iraq Felipe Adams demonstrates his daily diet. He now lives with his parents in Inglewood, California. With the growth of 177 cm and weighs 61 kg young man consumes 2100 kcal per day. Felipe Adams now confined to a wheelchair. When he served in Baghdad, he received a severe wound from a sniper bullet, which ended in paralysis of the legs. Until now, the young man suffers from severe phantom pain, which occur every day in damaged nerves.
Что я ем: 80 диет со всего света Eight. Cover of the book: "What I eat: 80 diets from around the world." Authors Peter Menzel and Faith D'Alyuizio.



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