Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The road from Budapest to Zagreb

Today I'll tell you about our journey from Budapest to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, if someone does not know. Total distance about 350 km, is if you go without any intermediate points, but we can not without incident, so we've got and the longer and further than we planned.


A. Actually, after breakfast we quickly packed up, packed up the car and hit the road, pretty soon we brought navigator on the highway to Zagreb.

Two. Around was a real fairy tale.

Three. An hour later, the road I saw a crowd of schoolchildren, which is something done on the farm and we decided to also make a stop here to warm up so suddenly and see interesting things. As it turned out we were in the stables, which brought the children out of school for a tour.




7. Actually students. Carefully zyrkali on us, but what we are actually on them. Despite the invasion of our word against anybody and did not say.

Eight. In this colorful uncle, we have met along the way to the car.


10. Landscapes are of course tents, well more vehicles almost was not, we were able to stop in the middle of the road to make a couple of shots through the window.

11. Fields of red poppies, of course, we as a fairy tale characters are not asleep, but wandered here is notable. Torturing hundreds of identical pictures you will not, therefore, be of only three :)





16. Actually originally we were supposed to call in a city with hard-to-pronounce the name of Székesfehérvár and see a castle Borie, but trite, we could not find it, people on the streets almost was not, and we Navigator screens somewhere else, so we had to go in another castle. Sümeg City is known for its strength, the country's largest and one of the most ancient. We traveled quite a long time around the hill trying to find parking and the way upstairs. I had to almost completely bypass the lock before we found the right place to us. The car left the parking lot to go on foot.


18. Still going up.


20. There was a funny moment, toward the left elevator who drove ... Caution! Bio-toilet. The slope of a hill is quite good, and slippery rocks, I remember it very carefully on the fence went around all the thought that God forbid he turn over, and the toilet overflowed.

21. We have almost reached the entrance to the castle, they heard some shouts behind us, turned around, we noticed panting knight. When lifting, we scored a good cruising speed, and by this fellow ran pretty fast, he does not even have time to tell us that the entrance fee.

22. As it turned out, this place who is divorced. We paid an entrance fee, but once inside were surprised to find that there is in full swing reconstruction. The castle is a complete building, a lot of work goes, look no matter what. Even leaving, I noticed that a small part of the castle still open, and climbed the tower. Julia did not go with me, but as if his whole appearance suggests that the time for lunch and time to go eat.

23. Inside the tower was a small armory, where absolutely nothing was removed. Well, except the soldiers of the reconstruction of a battle. Funny fellow with an ax tipped.

24. Sümeg more famous for the fact that there is arranged a full-fledged knight show, fighting with swords, axes, riding horses, but terribly lucky, arrived at exactly the time when there was a preparation for the tournament, namely, the arena was built, so that the knights could not see . But we had dinner there, I forgot to show you the famous Hungarian goulash.



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