Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The real names of celebrities

Most of the celebrities we know only by his stage names and real names of celebrities are "behind the scenes." Let's see who's your name really is.

Real Name - Faith Galuska

Real name - Alexander Korchunova

real name - Maria Sadkov

real name - Inessa Klimchuk

real name - Vyacheslav Tverdokhlebov

Real name - Viktor Belan

Real name - Natalia Poryvai

real name - Zhanna Kopylova

real name - Alla Perfilova

real name - Timur Yunusov

real name - Larissa Myachinskaya

real name - Maria Varum

real name - Elena Levochkina

real name - Yuri Shatko

real name - Alexander Vyguzov

real name - Tatyana Galst'yan

real name - Andrew Klementyev

real name - Hope Zasedatelev

real name - Sophia Rotar

real name - Alla Ageeva

real name - Marina Abrosimova

Real name - Lada Volkov

real name - Catherine Chuprinin

real name - Mark Sinclair Vincent

real name - Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone

Real name - Carlos Estevez

Real name - Thomas Mapother the Fourth

Real name - Brian Warner

Real name - Reginald Kenneth Dwight

real name - Cassius Marcellus Clay

Anna Akhmatova - Anna Andreyevna Gorenko

Andy Warhol - Andrew Warhola

Mickey Rourke Andre-Philippe

real name - Juan Moreno

real name - Carlos Ray Norris

real name - Sofia Shikolone

real name - David Seth Kotkin

birth name Nicolas Kim Coppola



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