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We - that is what we eat

They say that on a favorite dish of man can define his character, and eating habits often reflect his lifestyle. We decided to conduct an experiment to check how regular customers of the largest restaurant chain in Kazakhstan - AB Restaurants prove this theory. And if we - this is what we eat, what are our heroes look like your favorite food?

Pete with spinach and chicken, city cafe Cafeteria
Pete in the Mediterranean countries replace the corn which can be cooked with different fillings. There are many different kinds of pits - a flat, air, the size of a loaf and placed on the palm. The first mention of this bread exist in the Old Testament

Maya Akisheva, editor in chief of Cosmopolitan in Kazakhstan
- I love his eyes. If the man is handsome, if the food - that bright. Here's how the pit, with its merry cheerful tomatoes and spinach. In addition, the pit, if go to the analogy - a great metaphor for a man with his complex inner world. What I want, then turn back - that is wrapped

Trout with pine nuts, beer garden Augustin
The dish is prepared from rainbow trout, fresh thyme and rosemary, salt, black pepper, lemon juice, soy sauce, flour and olive oil. In the sauce, add pine nuts and a few secret ingredients

Dominic Kalk, Chef Cafeteria
- As a child with my grandfather and father, I went on a fishing trip, we fished, and after preparing her house for dinner. Now I'm far away from his home in France, and the dish reminds me of childhood

Greek salad bar "Mug"
According to some sources the history of Greek salad dates back to the Hellenistic period. Simple ingredients are combined in perfect harmony with and make a great individual taste of lettuce. Simple and indispensable both Greek salad

Anastasia Akhmetov, the creator
- Greece for me - is the construction of columns and Ionic capitals on the first-year architecture, it's long hours of painting plaster busts of Socrates, Apollo, and Venus. Say with confidence that I - a Greek salad, of course, I can not but hope that I also understand the people and do not call "heaviness in the stomach." In the first class wanted to be Pallas Athene. The dress of the curtains ... Well, what does not Athena?

Lasagna, Italian cuisine restaurant home Del Papa
Lasagne - a traditional and one of the most famous Italian cuisine, especially the city of Bologna. Perhaps as a separate dish, and a bright addition

Bayram Azizov, PR-expert
- I have many friends that I cherish. But just myself, without reserve, I dedicate my best friends and family. To those people who always support me in all that believe in me and shared with me all my joys and sorrows! I do not hesitate to chose a photo essay for the lasagna, lasagna because today - the most preferred family meal around the world. And Del Papa - a unique restaurant in Almaty. Nice and very comfortable to sit in the evenings with a glass of wine surrounded by the friends and relatives

Home yogurt, coffee shop "Coffeemania"
The word "yogurt" in Turkish means "condensed." Homeland yogurt in different versions is Turkey or Bulgaria. Under the theory of the ancient peoples of the Balkan Peninsula was transported on the backs of asses milk and horses. While traveling in the heat the milk begins to "wander", and shaking in the end transformed it into a thick sour drink that has long kept all the useful properties. In Europe, the yogurt has gained popularity in the early 20th century

Zaw Abisheva, event manager
- I love dairy products, light and nutrients, but shops prefer the Green Bazaar bought from reliable people. Easily distinguished on the natural taste of fresh yogurt from the cloying mix offered in supermarkets. Home yogurt with berries, served in the "Coffeemania" and the Cafeteria, in this sense, has pleasantly surprised and pleased so far. On top of that, I love the simple light meal, with no compound combinations and preparations. In general, 100% of my version

Tiramisu, a bar, "Claudia, come on!"
To prepare the classic tiramisu mascarpone needed - a young soft cheese with the addition of sour cream or cream and savoiardi - porous air tubes shaped cookies. However, there are plenty of options with the addition of fruits, berries, chocolate and various alcoholic beverages

Diane Bimahimova, Art Director
- May seem strange that my favorite dish at the bar - a tiramisu, but "Claudia, come on!" - Is a place where I like to relax with friends. And when I see their loved ones to feel the holiday is not enough just loved the cake, which in this bar is excellent. I love the sweet and the "Tiramisu" is one of my favorite desserts. "Tiramisu" is composed of three Italian words: tira mi su, which literally can be translated as "lift me up," but most of the claims that the Italians have in mind the emotional state and this translation is to be understood as a "lift me up" . If you still are right, those who said that "We are what we eat," then I would like to be like "Tiramisu" - it's simplicity, lightness, airiness. That's what I want to go through life. And I always try to cheer up those around me, people!

Macaroni Pastries, tea room AROMA
Today represents the French pastry delights. Pasta appeared in the Middle Ages in Italy and the Renaissance reached France. These cookies were very popular at the court of Marie Antoinette, and today, they say, these sweets have become so popular that they even started selling in the French McDonald's

Catherine Silver, an art
- When I travel, I always buy one of his favorite sweet lakomst - "macaroni." For me, it has become a tradition, and now I can dive into the European atmosphere right in Almaty. My new favorite place in our city - a tea room AROMA, where there is a European atmosphere, comfortable and want to spend time with friends over tea, a choice which is very diverse

Soup Salsola, beer garden, "Barrel"
Salsola can serve as a first course or a full meal. Mix of strong flavors and aromas results in the original mix. In each family and each restaurant has its own recipe for this soup. Improvisation is the one who trains - is the main secret ingredient meals

Yan Ray, fashion-photographer
- Believe it or not, but I myself am preparing a hodgepodge house and I have it best. Actually, I was a supporter of home cooking, delicious and nourishing. In my scarf that I bought in India. And who knows, maybe Uncle Freud would say that I bought it, thinking about your favorite soup
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