Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walking around Grozny

Few photos taken by me during multiple trips to the capital of the Chechen Republic.

1. In a town Christmas tree in the center.

2. There is huge amount of organized rides, pony rides, selling toys and sweets.
During the Christmas holidays in Grozny's tour of the Moscow Circus, "Chapiteau". His tent is set a bit further.

3. In one of the main streets of Grozny.

4. The beginning of Putin's prospectus.

5. In the city of a construction boom. For example, the Chechen National Museum is being built.

6. This restaurant is perfectly round shape.

7. The purpose of this building for me remains a mystery. Grozny, tell me ...

8. Putin on the avenue.

9. One of the oldest buildings in Grozny - the Union of Writers of the Chechen Republic.

10. Monument to the Fallen in the Great Patriotic War.

11. Right beside the old city center (Russian) Cemetery. No it is not razed by bulldozers, crosses the scrap metal is not passed.

12. Hours in the park journalists. A pot of flowers in numbers change every morning.

13. Monu reporters.

14. Monument Square Mother of Friendship of Peoples.
On the heroism of a Chechen mothers Recommended reading on this article: http://www.peremeny.ru/blog/9661

15. Service have not carried out and the sign, apparently left the memory of the past.

16. Had a chance to stay in this hotel. Room with shower, TV and air conditioning - 1000 rubles.

17. ... Detached gaze for a long time to dig into muddy waters of the Sunzha, the river flows all, how many years ago, and it seems to me that there is also former passion and enthusiasm. Still, winter is time to settle down ... (C) Kant Ibragimov, "Children's World."

18. In the square near the mosque.

19. Being a big fan of the roofs, skyscrapers, "Lincoln City" I have not missed! :)

20. "The Heart of Chechnya".

21. Monument to victims of anti-terrorist operation against the building of the Judicial Department. At the site of the monument once stood the so-called "Palace of Dudayev."

22. That is funny! In the center of Grozny before the war was a street Abakanskaya!

23. Now, the Abakan constructed a complex of government buildings.



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