Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Newcastle's public transport 1890.

Horse tram-coach at West road.1890

Tram at Gosford High strit.1895

Tram depo.1900

Tram on Skotsvud road.1900

Laying streetcar rails on Elsvik Road 1901

Streetcar on Park Road. 1910

Repairing a car. 1912

Motorcycle taxi. 1912

Tram inspectors. 1914

Tram inspectors. 1915

Steam bus. 1917

Electric tram on Barack Road. 1920

Carman in depo.1920

Working depo.1920

Horse tram-coach. 1922


The brigade of technicians tram depo.1930

Employees of the tram on Shields Road. 1930

Horse tram-diligence on the High Level bridzh.1931

Official opening of the trolleybus depot in Newcastle. 1935

Trolleybus on Church Street. 1936-37

Tram at Sauze Shilds.1946

Tram number 16 at Gosford High Street. 1948

Coupled trams class "F" № 106 of Gosford Park 1948

Glazed tram at Gosford High. Date unknown

Tram class "D". Date unknown

Tram at Sauze Shields. Date unknown



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