Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pattaya Park Tower

On the following Mini Siam day, we went to [Info] kashtaniv on the radio (about a radio to listen to Pattaya and why, I will some other time sure to tell). Compatriot, not being rich knowledge of routers, very shmouterah complained idle for unclear reasons the Internet. My brother - a lover of good people to help, Especially if they have something too well done,'s always ready to help. With Radzivil we got about three days. Kind of like plump too early to have a something to do. Chestnuts waved his hand to us "there" and said that there is some observation. Well, we "there" and went. A long way behind, walked, groaning under the heat, a couple of times zarulili in any enclosed yard. To that observation, where the Buddha had to either lie, or sit and do not come out, but saw the high tower sticking out somewhere on the coast. They went at it like unto the ships the lighthouse. The street leading to the tower was a piece of "the Russian area." Really, at Bicske (beach - beach), where we lived, there is no such. And then throughout the Russian letters, Russian music and Russian people)))

1. The turret was not horrible cho, and the highest in Pattaya. This was the hotel in Jomtien. And there is a viewing platform at the top (or rather, something like the opposite - a tower with built hotel).

2. Located entot Tower in Pattaya Park. In addition to the hotel, there is a water park, amusement park. Well, we bought a ticket for the elevator and rode to the top. I, of course, much love from the heights to look at any city. Especially one in which the first and still poorly orientirueshsya. Almost every city in which I was always trying to find at least a Ferris wheel (which is in downtown Ekaterinburg is a great building with an observation, but most of all - a Ferris wheel) and popyrit top.

3. It certainly stunned! So high in the building I have not climbed;) 56th floor. That's just kind of in the direction of our beach there, by the way, even see our hotel (he's on on-the green forest belt on the bank directly).

4. And it's kind in the other direction - on Jomtien Beach.

5. The fact that the bottom has a water park, we found only once at the top))) We then swim in a staged of course, but the other day.


7. On the 56th floor you can go down in different ways. There is such a car, for example, for 8 people.

8. There is an option to move out of wire ropes with the insurance down. Here's this girl at the last minute changed her mind and tried to dissuade her husband screaming, "I will not go! And you do not go! We have shared with you kids!".

9. But her husband still went: D

10. And we ... Well ... E. .. It was not that afraid ... bleat! The 56th floor! certainly points! But Chota decided that we and so many impressions. Even Anya-willed adventurer does not ... The very first in this post fotochki form at the bottom where you can see these besbashennyh and brave boys, rolling from the top.

11. Still it is possible to move this way, but together - like two seats are next. Probably lower rate in this version.

12. At the top of the sun beating down notably, but there was no wind at all, not a gram. Not a single breath. Tin, as stifling. We Anton strained smile, and Yulcha already scored, because it's already the 5th take.

13. Well, no wonder that we are [Info] real_saanvi taken! Here, although there are several family fotag )))))

14. Nazharilis, seen enough and went down to the floor below. Khaljavnogo drank the drink is included in the ticket (he was very handy) and drove down the elevator.

15. Back foot, we would have certainly not reached))) We took the free tuk-tuk and went on it whatever we want. And we have had to quickly eat something and get some rest before the evening;)



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