Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge, the English Harbour Bridge (the bridge across the bay) is one of the main attractions of Sydney and one of the biggest bridge arch type in the world. Local jokingly call him the "hanger". The bridge was opened in 1932. Now arch bridges is not built, so as to build a suspension or cable-stayed bridge is much easier and cheaper.

The arch of the bridge regularly lead tours. Poster promises that it will be "Your climb of a lifetime". I was tempted and useful. In practice this proved to be quite boring. On the bridge, and back we went for 2 hours, and before that for another hour listening to instructions and changed clothes. Instructors, if necessary, climb onto the bridge and back in 10 minutes ...

It all started with the fact that we have selected the cameras, phones, watches and coins. All made in hand luggage. On the body there should be nothing that could fall down.

Next, we dressed in suits of astronauts and for half an hour to hang on our belts and various insurances. After that, another half hour had been taught all this to enjoy. As a result, the briefing took an hour.


Each of us at the inlet coupled to the steel Trossi, which runs along the entire route. We have just unbuttoned his safety strap at the output after 2 hours. During this time, we slowly climbed in single file on the first bridge and then walked with him back:


The hardest part - this is the first ladder. It is quite steep and there is as much as 3 of the span. This is the only staircase, where we were going non-stop, and lifting the base of the arch of the bridge took about three minutes here:


After that we went up 50 minutes, 20 minutes standing in the middle of the bridge, and then, on the other side, another 50 minutes go back. Every 50 meters we stopped, and the guide offered to take photographs of each of the 12 people in a group - cameras, then all picked:


In the first photo requested $ 24, and for each additional 15. We have paid before the rise of 12 pictures, so it had to be photographed everywhere:


On the bridge we went with my friend Dmitry Cherkasov. If you remember, we are with him and were at the North Pole:



For every photograph took 10 minutes. In general, almost all the time we stood and waited for the others photographed.

When we reached the top of the arch, then crossed a narrow bridge to the other side and went down. However, until we once again took pictures:




Together with our pictures we have recorded on the stick as a gift a few species of photographs taken by professional photographers, so we can remember what a wonderful kind of opened our eyes to the top of the bridge:






In general slogan "Once in a lifetime experience" very correctly describes this climb. The second time there to climb on their own, few people want.

After the tour we walked on the bridge itself and made a couple of shots on your soap dish:



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