Thursday, March 8, 2012

Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show 2012

Consumer Electronics Show Consumer Electronics Show 2012 held in Las Vegas. Among other things, the exhibition presents Galaxy Note from Samsung, Droid 4 from Motorola, the new LCD TV Super OLED TV from LG, Lumia 800 from Nokia, and more. And besides - the new electronic cigarette, a Swiss Army knife with built-in flash drives and device for determining the DNA sequence.

1. Smartphone Droid 4 from Motorola.

2. The representative of Microsoft's Steve Ballmer delivers a speech.

3. Journalists photographed a new LCD TV Super OLED TV from LG with a diagonal of 55 inches.

4. Opening with a system of Bluetooth, which can be synchronized with your smartphone, were presented by the Italian company «i'm watch».

5. Visitors to demonstrate the capabilities of the new smarfona Lumia 800 from Nokia, with the operating system Windows.

6. The tablet of Vaio by Sony.

7. Smartphone tablet Galaxy Note from the company Samsung.

8. Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox company with flash drive capacity 128GB. In addition, the planned release of such knives with flash capacity 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

9. Smartphone, microwave transmitting instructions from the new technology of Smart ThinQ company LG.

10. Scion SD car sound system Scosche HD.

11. TV on the company Samsung.

12. Greg Peng, a spokesman for «Greenworld», with the new electronic cigarette.

13. Phil Monroe, president of Sony, said the new folding tablet Tablet P during a press conference.

14. Visitors to breathe oxygen in the oxygen-colored bar, Air Head of Motorola.

15. A woman touches the TV screen Aquos Board touch screen with a diagonal of 80 inches from Sharp.

16. Ultrabuki by Intel.

17. A new device for determining the DNA sequence «Proton Semiconductor Sequencer» Company of Ion Torrent Systems. Special chip allows to determine the full human genome in eight hours. The novelty presented by Life Technologies.



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