Friday, March 16, 2012

The house, furnished completely out of the store, "All for a dollar"

Jesse MakKingli journalist «The Times», completely furnished his apartment with furniture and furnishings, bought the store, "All for a dollar." A total of furnishing it spent $ 200. While these shops, where all goods are sold at a price of $ 1, generally known fact that poor-quality products to them and made of cheap plastic, which quickly fades and wears out, many retail outlets, "All for a dollar," now began to sell more high-quality goods from glass, stainless steel or ceramic.

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2. Seasonings (cinnamon, mustard) and spices, Jesse bought at the price of one dollar for each decorate the kitchen table.

3. Glasses and glasses of champagne were bought in a store network of Jesse Yankee One Dollar in New York and Vermont. All of them are from the so-called collection Cristar.

4. Mr. McKinley graced his son's room applications and posters, bought for a dollar. It is for this price and he bought an aquarium.

5. In the kit you will find a remedy for the price $ 1 - aspirin, bandages and ointment for sprains. In the bathroom - gels and shampoos for the same price.

6. All office supplies were also purchased in stores, "All for a dollar."

7. Breakfast and Books.

8. Household chemicals cost Jessie even cheaper - in a dollar store sale, and he bought all at half price.

9. New dishes from the same store.


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