Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Street dentist in India...

Take care of yourself!
I thought long and begin to tell India not invented nifiga and, therefore, opened at random folder, and found out it was about dentistry.
Photographed it in Keylonge where stuck for a week due to natural disasters, snow, wind, landslides, damaged bridges, closed the passes and stuff, and do not regret this forced delay even once, because I was able to examine in detail the Indian life and without fuss , coolest people meet, well, a bunch of different nafotografirovat interesting.
Dentist, whose name I want to show Sokhna, it Sikh, practicing in the main street Keylonga or at home.

Well, it's teeth, which he inserts

Sterile instruments, respectively, with a hook in the garbage I sterilized about your jeans

after inspection of the mouth, pulled out of any wish to Sokhna boxes a pink clay, kneaded it in my hands, and the hearth, began pfigachivat it to the gum

Sometimes smazyvl "is" something terribly smelly, like a mixture of ether and acetone) by the smell)

The audience attentively sldili the process, sometimes he sent them in the Indian Forums

then got out of the box dentures, and began to mount this plasticine

Then he began to remove all superfluous by railways intrumentov

Almost everything is ready, the doctor smiling

Next to the doctor, his manager, he has helped knead the infernal mixture, and then gave me a business card


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