Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ancient China in the paintings of contemporary artists

Almost all the paintings are large and growing after the click.
The artist Wang Kewei. He has a very good series of paintings dedicated to riders age "dark ages" in China and battle scenes.

Warriors of Qin Shi Huang. The artist Wang Kewei

Wang Kewei. Perhaps a better name for the author's battle paintings - "hell":)

The army on the march.

Wang Kewei. "Guan Yu". Although the garments - Ming rider.

Wang Kewei. The game of polo.

Wang Kewei. "Summer Night."

Wang Kewei. "March"

Painter Zhiwei Tu. His "specialty" dancing fairies, apsaras and other ..
Zhiwei Tu. "Obsession of the artist"

All Chinese fairies and dancers Zhiwei Tu observed a strong Indian influence.

Zhiwei Tu. Musicians.

Musicians play music on the background of the famous bronze bells Zhou era.

Zhang Hongnian. So the artist sees courtly life in China during the Shang period.

Zhang Hongnian. Zhang Qian's embassy return. In the 2nd century BC AD Zhang Qian was sent by the Emperor Wu-ti in Central Asia. In the center of an interesting characteristic of a Scythian warrior in helmet.

Zhang Hongnian. The battle at the gate.

Zhang Hongnian. "The eternal sadness" - a picture tells of the last day of life Guyfey Yang, the beloved concubine of Emperor Hsuan-tsung.

Zhang Hongnian. "Mistress of Dunhuang." Dunhuang cave monastery was built with the money of rich Chinese noblemen, here is an aristocrat, patron checks the work of artists.

Zhang Hongnian. "The Great Armada," led by the famous admiral Zheng He.

Di Li Feng. Woman in Manchu dress.



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