Monday, January 9, 2012

Disneyland Paris

The idea of Disneyland came when Walt Disney , along with his daughters Diane and Sharon visited the park Griffith in Los Angeles. Watching them on the carousel, Disney imagined a place where we could reach children with their parents to have fun time together.

Disneyland Paris includes several parks, which are grouped around the castle of Sleeping Beauty, a symbol of Disneyland and surrounded by narrow-gauge railway on which there is a train with this locomotive.

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3. Right in the middle of the park passes through the Main Street (Main Street). On which there is a huge number of shops and galleries, every evening parade Disneevsih characters singing and dancing





8. From there you can get four theme parks. The first is located on the left Frontierland (Border country). Completely done in the spirit of the Wild West.

9. You can visit the Haunted House

10. You can visit the Haunted House, admiring the views from the unexpected side



13. meet with cowboys and Indians, to shoot at Rustler Roundup Shootin 'Gallery or ride at breakneck speed in a coal trolley at Thunder Mountain attraction.

14.Chut further from the entrance is Adventureland (Adventureland)

15. It is a haven for missing boys and girls. A huge pirate ship and other broken vessel, which can be run. Search the treasure in the caves and swim to the boat on this pirate City.


17. Fantasyland (the fantasy), the fantasy is designed primarily for younger visitors. Rides are a popular Disney movie scenes. The most famous castle in Sleeping Beauty at the center of the park. Under lock and key is the cave of the dragon La Taniere du Dragon.



20. And the castle for your children is to become King Arthur.

21. On the right side of the entrance is located

Discoveryland (country of discovery)

This place is specifically designed for boys and girls who can not live without technology, space ships and the "Star Warrior"

22. The entrance to the Disneyland located directly below our hotel and was very comfortable to run in the park and back.

23. In addition to direct Disney park since 2002, Disneyland added Walt Disney Studios Park, adjacent to the park and quarter DLP Disney Village.

24. In this part of Disneyland's visitors can look behind the scenes.

25. For example, during the Studio Tram Tour introducing some special effects.


27. The show can be seen excerpts Cinémagique love story. Show Moteurs ... Action!, By contrast, introduces the stunt skills.



30. Prices are certainly not low but it's worth it, guys. My children have offered us to stay there to live :)



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