Friday, June 28, 2013

The lens - Soviet avtokonveyer

Topic Soviet automobile very large, complex and inexhaustible. We on this topic has already been a lot of material here. Today, without facts and figures just a selection of interesting photographs of Soviet avtokonveyera since 1930. For Soviet photographers this was, I think, one of the favorite subjects are: a symbol of technological progress and industrial power. 1937. The main conveyor ZIS, Shagin:

1942 Building truck ZIS-5B: 1946 Building car ZIS-110 at the plant. Stalin Ibid: 1949. Once assembly of the ZIS-110: 1955. Assembly "Victory": 1950s. Truck assembly UralZiS-352: 1977. Cars: 1979. The main assembly line of the Moscow Automobile Plant named IL Likhachev: 1980. Assembly "Zaporozhtsev": 1980, Build GAZ-3102, Gorky:



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