Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten of the most amazing plants on our planet

The most beautiful and the most vile-looking, the most durable and fragile these amazing creatures with you our neighbors. Right under our feet or far away on the edge of the world, they are the interesting, life is full of mysteries. Their heart is not beating, but they are alive, they do not have the brain but they got to respond to the good and the bad attitude towards them. Immerse yourself in this amazing, quite different from the animal world.
10th place: The most ascetic plant. Welwitschia - grows in southern Africa, in the desert of Namibia. The leaves of this plant are twisted turban around themselves. Since Namibia's almost never rains, Welwitschia use their leaves to absorb moisture ... of fog, arriving from the Atlantic, and then drop by drop passes its roots.

9th place: Buttercups. In the opinion of the people, this herb has a severe character - hence the name. This flower - the highest mountain in Europe - is found at an altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. Buttercup Ranunculus lobatus found at an altitude of 6400 meters above sea level.

8th place: The oldest now growing tree - Ginkgo is growing in the Chinese province of Zhejiang. This view arose in the Jurassic period, about 160 million years ago. In Japan, Ginkgo is called "silver apricot."

7th place: The largest cactus in the world, saguaro grows in Mexico and Arizona. It easily reaches a height of 15 meters and weighs 6 to 10 tons. In saguaro-3500 flower stamens, which are so big that sometimes small birds build their nests there.

6th Place: Arctic willow - the northernmost tree (bush) in the world, its branches can be up to 5 meters in length, but they will never rise higher than 10 inches from the ground. Thus willow protected from cold wind and grows under a blanket of snow during the winter.

5th place: The most romantic plant - Edelweiss. In fact, it is not about a single flower, and a group of a few tiny flowers collected together. Edelweiss very well protected from the cold, can grow not only on the rocks, and in the valleys.

4th place: The largest carnivorous plant, the ability to digest the largest mining concerns family nepentovyh. Frogs, birds and even rats trapped by it and digested by enzymes. It grows in the tropical forests of Asia, on the island. Borneo and Indonesia.

3rd place: The most smelly in the plant - Amorphophallus. It grows in the tropical forests and the smell of rotting fish. The entire island of Sumatra literally smelled that smell.

2nd place: The most dangerous stinging plant - New Zealand Nettle Tree. It can kill a dog and even a horse by injecting them under the skin of a mixture of strong poisons. Thin stinging hairs on the leaves contain histamine and formic acid.

1st place: Orchids. This family of plants - one of the largest in the world. It has more than 25,000 species, most of which grow on trees, but, unlike plants, parasites, use them only as a prop. This plant is surprisingly unpretentious, and when flowering does not cause allergies. In the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean orchids so fruitful that the phrase "Weigh quarter pound of orchids" is quite common. It was said that Patricia Arquette, as the bride of a famous actor Nicolas Cage, required for a wedding black orchid, autograph Salinger and wedding dress from Tibet. Salinger's autograph, fortunately, there was a sale at an auction, for a fee had to fly to Tibet. And got a black orchid Cage was easy: he just painted the flower with black paint.



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