Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canyon de Fer Troyes in Madagascar

Trois de Fer - one of the most exciting attractions in La Reunion, a French island, which lies about 650 kilometers from the east coast of Madagascar near Mauritius. This majestic canyon depth of 300 meters between two huge rocks, and along its bottom river flows Bras de Cavern.

Gorge Trois de Fer is divided two parts - a large crater, six waterfalls, as well as the narrow part of the canyon at the exit of the gorge. The river originates Bras de Cavern are high in the amphitheater on a hillside at an altitude of 210 meters. Usually there is little water, but in the rainy season is filled with a roaring mouth of streams and waterfalls come to life.

Passing 3.5 kilometers, the river flows in the Riviera du Mat, which flows into the Indian Ocean. Trois de Fer was discovered in 1989 and has since become a frequently visited tourist attraction. It is also very often held sporting event.

Because the canyon de Fer, created by volcanic fault, it is very difficult to cross, the center of Reunion Island was protected from human intrusion. Here you can watch this Tumult, with tropical forests, giant ferns and lichens. The forests in the more accessible, low latitudes, have been converted to agricultural land and disappeared from the face of the Earth in the past four hundred years. Expansion of towns and cities here leads to the disappearance of fragile ecosystems and closed only at the very heart of the island's life is governed exclusively by nature and is a natural way.

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