Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The most beautiful skyscraper

Perhaps the most beautiful in the world of skyscraper building in Mumbai, India. The construction of the 300-meter 62-storey tower called Namaste (Namaste Tower) is scheduled for completion in 2014. The building will combine hotel, retail and entertainment center and business offices.
The shape of the tower symbolizes hands put together in the traditional Indian greeting "namaste."
Namaste (Sanskrit नमस्ते, namaste IAST) - Indian and Nepali greeting, descended from the word "namah" - a nod, "wrong" - you. As a gesture of namaste is a compound of two palms in front of him. In a broad sense, means "divine in me greets and connect with the divine in you" - that is respectful admiration and praise of God, the divine essence of the universe, a part of which is the people, the recognition of the eternal unity and spirituality of all things, according to a tradition.
Building facades were inspired holiday ornaments "mehndi", which Eastern women cover their skin with henna.
According to the creators of the skyscraper, presidential and royal suites will be one of the most luxurious in the world.



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