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9 iconic phone the past

1. Nokia 9210 Communicator. This seemingly ancient mobile orehokol - very "reasonable" phone. This can be guessed by opening the machine and looking inward. The device runs Symbian v6.0, Series 80 UI, was equipped with a 32-bit processor with a frequency of 52 MHz and a screen with a diagonal of 4.5 "and a resolution of 640 x 200 pixels. Why are there "was" and "work"! It is possible that to this day can be found running instances at radio, or even in the hands of users ...

To say that the Nokia 9210 Communicator smartphone ahead of its time - it does not say. The model was released in the year 2000. Phone could send email, view documents gave Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, had an infrared port, memory card support, external display. Nokia was at the forefront of technology. Later on other models, which you will find in this text, they will say that they first met in the last two functions.

Incidentally, the term "device" was introduced with his own Nokia. So the company signified their "smart" phones 9th ruler (to whom belongs and Nokia 9210) whose ability combines the features of the phone and PDA. Since then, the word "device" has made a lot of confusion in the classification of "smart" phones, but Communicator trademark belongs to Nokia.

2. Siemens SL45

This model happened to see the light in almost immemorial by the standards of the time mobile phones - in September of 2000. In general, the 00-year was marked by several models that have unique features for its time. Benefon released the first phone with GPS (Benefon ESC), Sony - with polyphony (Sony J5), Sharp with the operator J-Phone anywhere on Japanese expanse - a camera phone. A Siemens successfully continued its line of SL first model with support for memory cards up to 32 MB, MP3-player.

Phone weighs 88 grams and accidents was so tiny, it could easily get lost in the mighty fist businessman those years. However, the model has been focused in the first place on this segment (on the other hand, who else then can be oriented mobile phones at that time the cost of communication). Of all known Communications, Siemens SL45 had only infrared and was equipped with WAP-browser version 1.1. But his phone book supports up to 500 addresses with 14 input fields. By comparison, today's extremely low cost Nokia can store up to 200 addresses, and even then only with one phone number. In addition, a business hero of his time supporting voice dialing and up to 300 voice recordings. But in the scope of supply includes his headset Sennheiser, according to the source on the Internet. By the way, the battery capacity of the model was 540 mAh. If you believe the data that has survived in the depths of GSM Arena, in standby mode, this proud old man could spend up to 170 hours and talk time - up to 4 hours. Who is there to complain about battery Android-smartphones?

The model has been extremely successful and popular, and in the following year, the world saw her update SL45i with Java and GPRS, and optional battery capacity of 1000 mAh.

3. Ericsson R520

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

Every time I hear the word Ericsson, in front of me there is this rough and unsightly telephone. Of this model was to be my first phone, it was presented to the parents after university entrance (at the time the model was a year and a half). And I remember I was still immediately thought: "How can you do such an ugly technique." Because it was so full of nice little tidy and Alcatel, strange, weird, but popular Siemens. Had beautiful Nokia and Sony.

Oh, I did not appreciate in those days, in my hands was literally a crown of mobile technology at the time. This R2D2 R520 is the first mobile phone with Bluetooth. This phone was also GPRS and email. And, of course, infrared, WAP-browser, phone book for 500 numbers and the ability to download monophonic ringtones. Godsend for the business person of the sample in 2002, for which the mobile phone is not only a means of communication, but also an indicator of status.

4. Nokia 6310

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

This legendary phone was released at about the same time as the previous model. Nokia 6310 look and positioned as a business model. He did not concede Ericsson R520 in its capabilities. There was also a GPRS, Bluetooth, IrDA, greater memory for the log of calls and messages. The truth, according to mobile-review, vaunted Bluetooth in this device is still working very badly and did not want to connect to the headset. But the main thing - this phone has been hell "Snake", which later in the years of constant presence in devices such kinship with the Nokia brand, that without it, Nokia phones have been unthinkable, and any updates to the graphics of the game disappointing.

Nokia 6310 with Nokia 6310i, saw the light in one year, have been more popular model than the Ericsson R520. And I think that if you dig in the bins, approximately every other family is found abandoned and forgotten copy of the phone, which also had to go through a number of family hands and has almost become a relic.

5. Samsung S100

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

Together with the era button telephone goes into oblivion and once incredibly popular form factor phones - clamshell. In the early days of his popularity (I do not mean the year 1996, when Motorola released the first ever clamshell, and a year since 2001-2003-D) it was really expensive and rare vehicles, equally desirable and strong, and the weak half of mobile phone users. Actively set about folding the company Samsung, releasing a bed of "the world's first clamshell phone with ...". So, Samsung A300 is the first clamshell with an external display, the T100 - with color display. After she got this iconic S100 - though not the first in everything, but the more "popular". Despite the fact that the screen of this model used a weaker matrix compared to its predecessor T100 (STN vs. TFT), S100 was better from a technical point of view: there was support for GPRS, had an IR port and twice as much memory the call log. And that her appearance was the most memorable. Specifically, in those bins where there was overlooked Nokia 6310, there is a flip phone Samsung S100.

6. Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3 saw the world in a year after the Samsung S100, and was the flagship of the American manufacturer. And this phone also know literally everyone who in 2004, that is in the model year, no longer walked on foot under the table. Thin metal body, clear straight lines, bold appearance - all this justifies the name RAZR, that is, "the blade." Despite the fact that the model is also a flagship, its technical ability is not impressive: miniUSB-port, VGA-camera, GRPS class 10, the ability to play video, put calls on MP3-ringtones, phonebook with 1000 cells.

RAZR design repeatedly reborn in each new model Motorola, becoming the face of a long phone brand.

7. Sony Ericsson T610

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

With respect to this model and want to say that it anticipated the time, although Sony Ericsson T610 is not carried a nothing revolutionary. It was a phone with good features, good looks, and perhaps the best mobile platform. The phone was great for its time, the screen (in fact - with a vertical orientation, which was unusual for phones at that time!), A battery that can hold a talk time up to 14 hours, with a strange camera resolution 352 × 288 pixels and the provisions for such a balanced model bed means of communication with the world: Bluetooth, Infrared, GPRS, WAP-browser version 2.0. He was not as massive as a clamshell or candybar Samsung S100 Nokia 6310. But it was definitely a welcome and loved. And for a long time to be relevant. In addition, the T610 model was used literally classical arrangement (and combination) of the joystick and keyboard control, which subsequently occurred in many other successful phones Sony Ericsson.

8. Sony Ericsson K750i

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

I still often see him in the subway and miss him. Everything in it was fine: the design of the case, and the platform, and controls, and even the built-in player. And belonging to the class of camera phones will not interfere be great all-around phone. The phone was a wonderful player convenient, and each function is comfortable to use. Although it was a classic phone without pretensions on capabilities of smartphones, it allows you to run multiple applications at the same time that it was akin to multitasking smartphones. But the simplicity and consistency of the menu offspring of other manufacturers could only dream of. In support kamerofonistogo positioning Sony Ericsson K750i said successful camera panorama function and auto focus - first used in this phone.

Judging by how often you can find people with the Sony Ericsson K750i and today, many people share this view. Phone deservedly has long been a favorite - without unnecessary hysteria, without the annoying marketing, and so simply and sincerely.

9. Nokia N95

9 культовых телефонов прошлых лет

To be honest, almost every position in this small and indicative lists undergo intense discussion and share of doubt, except for smartphones Nokia N95, the first entry in the list of iconic smartphone. This iconic model was released back in March 2007. She had pyatimegapikselnaya camera, an unusual form factor (two slider) and very large sum for the size of its time, the full range of communications, including HSDPA. He worked as a unit, as well as other smart phones from this manufacturer on Symbian S60. And around it was so much marketing that literally forces all want this smartphone. Who knew that just a few months, the world will see the first iPhone, which will fundamentally change the way people think about what can and should be a phone. And how unpredictable manner at the time turn the fate of the Finnish giant's mobile equipment.

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