Wednesday, January 9, 2013

On the Wisdom of cacti

It has long been shown that the presence of a cactus in a room with lots of people normalize relations and reduces stress levels. As it happens, no one knows, but the fact of the face, as they say.

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It is generally considered that home cacti are very useful to people fickle by nature. Constant in all: the feelings, at work, in relationships, explosive and impulsive comrades. They say that the cactus somehow be in the atmosphere, all these negative emotions and as it eliminates them. In this case, the high cactus protect against "overheating" of people, seemingly calm, while the globular cacti protect against negative emotions fat and revelers.
Speaking from a position of magicians, and other professionals boltologiya, we can say that the cactus is also a great defender against supernatural forces. Occult cases masters advise to put a cactus exactly near the entrance. It is believed that the cactus spines primagnichivayut to himself all the evil creatures.

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I do not know this is true or not, but in any case such a defense system in my home there. In general, the cactus help all people who need to develop tolerance towards others, aggressive people with frequent changes of mood. Many of us often can not break the cycle of feelings and resentment. They say that home cactus in doing this, and it copes very well. To myself, I have not tested it, but this time as a flower is said and written, we can hardly be questioned miraculous power of this beautiful flower.



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