Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Palheyros - traditional Portuguese home

Santana - the municipality along the northern coast of the archipelago of Madeira. This is one of the most important tourist destinations of Portugal, mainly because of the traditional Portuguese houses called palheyros. Santana is known for traditional houses, bungalows with roofs made of straw. These roof reaches the ground, giving the home a triangular shape.

Most of these buildings are a tourist attraction, for which travelers come here and around the world. Every 5 years the thatched roofs perestilayutsya again. In the past, these rural buildings are used by farmers. Traditionally, these structures are white walls, red doors and blue-striped trim.

The fact that the construction of roofs used straw is not surprising, because in this area has always cultivated wheat. The houses are built of common materials - wood and stone. The triangular shape of the building was the most popular among local residents. On the first floor are two rooms, second floor loft can be considered for storing food. A kitchen is traditionally located on the street.



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