Friday, June 22, 2012

Life on the Saguaro cactus

Saguaro Cactus - a giant among cactus that grows only in Arizona and California. He is so big that provides shelter, food and protection to many desert dwellers, this is a palace in the desert.

Some species of birds, such as, for example, this little woodpecker, in the trunk of a cactus suit their nests, making their eggs and chicks are protected from predators. Nobody dares to wade through these thorns.

The name of a cactus, is a combination of Spanish and Indian dialects. Previously, Saguaro helped to survive in terrible conditions of the desert locals, who earned the moisture out of it and eat its fruits.

Trees in the desert is almost there. But the local woodpeckers do not get upset about this, because they specialize in cacti.

In addition to woodpeckers are among the thorns Saguaro protection and pigeons, are building their nests on it.

Saguaro Cactus is the longevity of plants. In order to grow into their full size, it takes a long time, and he begins to bloom only in 50 years. But when it dissolved the stunning beauty of the flowers, the scent that flock of hummingbirds.

9-ton Saguaro feeding crumbs hummingbirds, weighing barely more than a few grams.

Saguaro can live 200 let.No live to the age of the Saguaro is very difficult. Many of them die, torn by the wind, or washed away during the rainy season. But even a dead cactus benefits. Somewhere lurking in the trunk of a lizard

The roots of the cactus is very long, they travel along a few meters around the plant and penetrate deep into the soil to get moisture to him. Saguaro is never, alone, in its thorns always hiding someone alive.

Despite the size of the cactus, Saguaro flowers are very small ...

These flowers grow in the night and day attract pollinating friends. These are mainly birds and insects. After the flowers grow on a cactus fruit, which is stored in a 2,000 seeds.

Saguaro needs of its inhabitants as much as they are in it. Its small flowers are not able to pollinate themselves, for this they need the help of pollinators. Therefore, these cacti are seeking to attract as many tenants.

But not all residents benefit cactus. Woodpeckers like to arrange the nest, making the cacti in the deep hollows. Sometimes placed in the wrong place, or the hollow of a large number can kill the plant.

To safely sit on a cactus, birds need surgical precision. Not everyone succeeds the first time.

Despite all the adversity, it's a wonderful plant to survive. After all, each Saguaro - it is a separate ecosystem of the desert.



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