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Kuala Lumpur: top view

In the last series about the capital of Malaysia ( 0.html ) I told her about one of its main attractions - the Television Tower Menara KL. Let's go up to the observation deck and KL's look at a bird's eye.

The Tower of KL (421 meter) is ranked 7th in the world by height. At the head of a rating - Tower Tokyo Sky Tree. Here are 7 tallest TV towers in the world (picture from Wikipedia) (1)

So Menara KL is the bottom (2)

In expanding the top of the tower is a restaurant and observation deck. Platform height - 276 meters.
Arm ourselves with zoom and telephoto lens, climb up and look at the panorama of the city. We move in a clockwise direction from west to north, then east and then south.
View to the west of the tower - at the Merdeka Square and the surrounding area (3).
In the foreground (left to right) - Cathedral of St. John (Church of the orange roof and two steeples of a football field); skyscraper AIA (at the bottom center of frame); Klang River, the area of Capital Square and the shopping mall of the same name (the low building on the right bottom corner of the frame); Hotel Meytauer (yellow-brown building at Capital Square, next to a skyscraper in the green building grid).
In the background in the center of the frame is visible on the lawn green square area of Merdeka, the pinnacle of the house of Sultan Abdul-Samad and white flagpole.
Merdeka Square to the left - center Dayyabumi (white skyscraper on the left side of the frame). Behind him (left) - the blue umbrella roof and minaret of the National Mosque.
Quite far away (white building in the middle of the park) - Parliament of Malaysia.

Now we change the lens and look at some of these places close.
Immediately beneath the tower on the west side - the school district Bukit Nanas. More precisely, the two schools - one for boys, the other - for girls (4)

The lower floors of the hotel Meytauer. Clearly visible rooftop pool lobby (5)

For Meytauerom - building fund Bangunan KWSP (with the arms at the top of the facade) and Menara UOB (round building on the right) (6)

Merdeka Square, the flagpole, and the house of Sultan Abdul-Samad (7)

Cathedral of St. John (8)

Residential buildings near the cathedral (9)

Parliament (10, 11)

Dayyabumi complex (building on the right) and the National Mosque (in center of frame). To the left of the mosque - House Railroad Administration (building with white domes). In the upper left corner of the frame - the new central railway station (12)

The National Mosque closer (13). The mosque was built in 1960 and incorporated in its design elements of the national and Islamic symbolism. The ribbed roof is in the form of traditional Malay folding umbrella. Its 18 edges represent the 13 states of the Malay and five pillars of Islam. The number equals the number of domes domes of the great mosque in Mecca. The height of the minaret - 75 meters.

Now look at the north-west (14)

Below - Klang river. Meytauer and Capital Square is now on the left side of the frame. White skyscraper to the right of the building in a green grid - Menara Multiperpoz. Behind it is another white building - City Plaza Wan. The white and blue skyscraper on the top left - CMB-bank
In the right bottom of the frame (right side of the bridge) - low residential buildings. Two semi-circular light-gray tower away from the center - a set of Maji Maji Tower and Mall.
Klang River and Capital Square (15)

Here's a closer residential houses (16)

View to the north (17). Maggi Tower - on the left. On the roof of the left semi-circular tower visible helipad. The building in the center of the frame with two yellow pyramid on the roof - Plaza Hotel Kuala Lumpur. And further to the north - residential high-rises.

The panorama is dominated by the north-east Petronas Towers (18, 19)

Spires towers Petronas (20)

Under the Tower - the station Bukit Nanas Monorail (21)

Hotel Concorde (22)

Now look to the east (23)
Bottom left - Crowne Plaza Hotel. Multi-level a skyscraper in the center of the frame with five white terraces - Standard Chatered company. Lawns in the background - KL City Park.

View to the south-east (24)

Skyscraper with mirror facade - Ambank-group (25)

The south.
Church of Saint Anthony (26)

Crossroads (27)

Apartment (28)

Skyscraper Menard Meybank (white building in the center). In front of him - Menara Olympia with a blue dome on the roof (29)

Overpass through which urban LRT train dives for the tower Meybank (30, 31)

So concludes a panoramic view of KL overlooking the south-west - west. Towers Meybank and Olympia were left in the center. On the right we can consider the Merdeka Square and the flagpole - the historical center of KL, where we began our virtual tour (32)



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