Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Most polluted river in the world!!!

We should be thankful for what we have after seeing below!

Last photo is very interesting – poor lady!

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The World’s Most Polluted River

At the first glance, what do you see in the picture above? I thought the man was on a rubbish dump, and I thought the boat was one of the rubbish. Until I read further, only then I realize that it’s actually not a rubbish dump, but a very polluted river. The picture above shows no sign of a river to me, to you too I suppose. The man above is actually collecting things like plastic bottles to be recycled and can probably earn a pound or two a week by doing so. People now fish for rubbish at the river, instead of fish.

Here’re two more picture that suggest that’s really a river, the one with water:

Polluted River

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If you’ve been wondering what river is that and its location, the river is called Citarum located in Indonesia ..
The GOVT is responsible for cau sing this. It’s nothing different from -- murder. The water is still used now for daily activities – drinking for example.

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Image of Citarum Riverbank

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Korang s em ua sanggup berak camnie?? Curlast uoolsss... siap pakai shaders yg tak tahan tu...
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When you've got to go, you've got to go........

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