Thursday, November 17, 2011

Salzburg Austria

Today we have a big picture report about Salzburg, a city in which beer do Stiegl:) This, incidentally, the only independent private brewery in Austria, not under the influence of multinational companies and the beer was not part of them. But do not talk about beer! After Salzburg's already very nice and beautiful city which is certainly worth a visit. At least for the sake of order to see the city from on high, having risen to the Hohensalzburg Fortress!

Sit back and start!

First we go back and! A funicular up the mountain Festungber, where the self and the palace.

From the window of the cable car a couple of minutes start to a promising species:

And as with the top of the mountain so all!

Fortress of Salzburg - one of the largest of the entire surviving medieval castles in Europe, its area is 30 000 m ².

In 1077 there was built a Romanesque castle, from which preserved only the foundation. The castle was rebuilt and strengthened many times until it became a powerful fortress. Its present form of Natural History in general got in the XVI century. The fortress has survived only one siege of history, in 1525 it was surrounded by insurgent peasants, taken refuge behind the walls of the citizens withstood 61 day siege.

Before the construction of a residence in the Old City archbishops lived in the fortress palace of the prince's apartments luxurious rooms is especially notable for the Golden Room. In the tower of the palace is the oldest and most famous body of the city - "Salzburg Bull".

Is the ticket for cable car 10 and a half euros. This price includes lift, descent, entrance to the castle and 2 museums in the castle. Tour with audio guide, lasts about 40 minutes.

And now admire the views from this place the city views!


As it is situated at the northern foot of the Alps, then bypassing the lock on the other hand, we do not open with less impressive species:

The closest alpine peak - Untersberg (altitude 1972 meters) is located just a few kilometers from town center:

And even this:

Go back! It's time to get down.

And this is how the castle looks like below:

But the view from the park Mirabelgarten, designed as much in 1690!

Now walk around the city. These are the buses here:

And rather go to Salzburg the Soviet type of trolley buses, that rarity in Europe:

Salzburg ambulance:

Fountain Rezidentsbrunnen not work: (

Well, we're going to the river Salzach, on the banks of which the city and is located at:

Beautiful, but in Innsbruck in the same place is much more picturesque landscape:

Cirque du Soleil arrives in Salzburg. After that, they, incidentally, will be in Kiev.

Want to see how local and national costume look? Here's how:

There is nothing supernatural in principle:

But the horses are dressed up bless you!

Walk through the narrow picturesque streets!

Let's listen to street musicians:

Just look at contemporary art Salzburg:

Let's try to artistically sfotkat displayed:

And go to the bazaar to buy some fruit!

Chocolates we also prove useful:

But at last even walk through Salzburg and see that there are interesting!

From Salzburg you can go to is located 6 kilometers palace and park Hellbrun, who served as the summer residence of the Archbishop.

Nothing really kryshesnositelnogo not there, but it is such a fish is found:

And the turtle:))



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