Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who loves roses?

Friends who do not like flowers - are becoming patience, and the rest rejoice! I visited the Nikitsky garden roses at the ball and now'm taking you captive to the queen of flowers. For a week, maybe ten days, if not exhausted imagination. World Rose Garden Nikita is huge - about 1,000 varieties, but also those that are exposed, and they, according to my calculations, about one hundred and fifty, that's enough to tell people about these amazing colors indefinitely.

Collection Rose Garden Nikita is one of the best in Eastern Europe and more than a thousand varieties, types and forms of roses out of 30 garden groups, which include roses, dwarf to 10 cm tall from a group of miniature roses and roses of the giants of pletistyh roses, rising to height of 10 m, is blooming varieties once only in May and June for 10-20 days and is pleasing to our long-term varieties bloom for 200 days, that is to fall on the southern Crimean coast of the snow cover.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this century in Nikitsky garden created around 100 varieties of roses from the garden groups Hybrid Tea roses, floribunda, Grandiflora, climbing, polupletistoy, miniature, polyanthus and groundcover.

Ambians. Hybrid Tea. Huge flower tenderest tricolor paint - gold color and easy summer dawn.

Angelica. Polupletisty flowering cultivar for vertical gardening. Hedge, consisting of a large bright pink bouquets, as if out of a fairy tale Anderesena.

Big Purpl. Hybrid Tea. The purple flowers are rare multilobe hue, typical of blue roses.

Blue Nile. And here is the blue rose itself. The bluish-purple shade petals - a real masterpiece of breeding rosarian. Somewhere in the recesses of the garden and hid the rose petals with green - the star of the collection. I was not trying to and could not find her.

Bonica. Profusely flowering ground cover. Buds and flowers blossom pink immediately after, and eventually become lighter to almost white.

Comtesse du Barry. Floribunda. At the base of the petals are golden-yellow, and this flower as if lit from within. This effect I have seen and chrysanthemums .

Crus am Heidelberg. Climbing variety with bright red flowers will enliven any arbor and fence.

Dolche Vita. Hybrid Tea. Large flowers of classical form. Delicate salmon tint the petals are absolutely in tune with the name of the variety.

Fair Play. Ground cover variety. The flowers are different versions of pink gathered in huge bunches of up to twenty pieces.

Fiona. Ground cover. Abundant and long blooming, the ideal plant for landscaping.

Flamentanz. Climbing shrub during a mass flowering is almost entirely covered with large scarlet flowers. Fiery flamenco at the Crimean land.

Foklore. Hybrid Tea rose with a unique color of the flower. Young golden flower buds opening to pale cream are, and then more and more turn pink.

Roses are known to mankind since ancient times. Mention of these colors are found in Asian documents and objects, decorated with ornaments of roses, which date from the third millennium BC. In Europe, they came much later. There is a perception that for the first time heard here on roses by ethereal oils obtained from these colors. Having learned its unique aroma, Europe has become to cultivate roses.

The appearance of a red rose tells a few myths. After all, wild rose hips, which marked the beginning the whole manifold cultivars have white or pinkish petals. According to one myth, the goddess of love Aphrodite was walking one day and accidentally stepped on a spike of white roses, creeping along the ground. A drop of blood fell to the goddess of flower petals and painted it red. According to another version, Cupid, having fun, shed a drop of red wine on white petals. Thus was born the red rose.

Masters rosarian Nikitsky garden by vaccination and skilful pruning rose bushes turn into small trees.

Judging by the imprints of leaves roses on the rocks, found in the Colorado Rockies during the excavation of our ancestors who lived in the stone age, already know this flower. This is probably one of the oldest traces of roses, preserved since the Paleolithic times. By rough estimate, more than thirty million years ago when homo sapiens roamed herds of wild land, roses were in bloom already on it.

Michele Meiland. The interior of the flower of this variety is preserved for a long time closed, while the outer petals, revealing, attached to a rose sculptural relief and expressiveness.

Patte de Velours ground cover is absolutely fantastic, with its small shiny pionovidnymi flowers. I was so passionate about her photography, in search of the right angle accidentally broke a young runaway, and was publicly ashamed orhrannikom:)

President de Seze - rose Gaelic type. Extremely decorative white terry its pink flowers with a hundred petals.

Climber Schwanensee - swan tenderness!

Sylvia, Hybrid Tea. Large Rose with characteristic curved convex petals that make the flower interior and magnificent.

Sylvie Vartan, floribunda. The original hot pink flower with many petals, not like a rose in our conventional sense.

Polupletistaya Westernland interesting abundance of unpretentious, but evolved a unique salmon otttenkom colors.

Bells, Hybrid Tea rose with petals of orange-pink color to the edge of turning into a pale pink.

Kakhovka. Climber, with powerful drooping stems, and bright crimson-red flowers. A feeling of infinite colors of the incident flux.

Marina Steven. Hybrid Tea, large-, the classical form of a rose. The middle of the flower rich terracotta-orange, pale pink petals edge, almost white.

Motley fantasy. Hybrid Tea, warm, dark pink color with white, yellow and korichnevmi sparks and stripes on the petals.

Pink News - polupletistaya, flowering, the petals of all shades of pink.

Carte Blanche. Floribunda. During the flowering bushes are completely covered with bouquets of white roses.

Flamingo. The name of this hybrid tea roses, speaks for itself. There is nothing more than expressing a fondness than pink.

Hybrid Tea Emmy beautiful in bud and flower in full disclosure. I love these shades that are impossible to describe a descent.

I go to the Rose pushed intuition. In past visits, I was interested in Nikita guide when coming to full bloom roses. The answer was - on June 25. I imagine that I saw there, if you are already in last Saturday 30% of the varieties have almost faded. So go on a visit to the roses need at the beginning of June.



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