Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brick production in Hainan

1. The same place in full growth, the quality of pictures excuse.

2. A man loads a ready-made bricks for sale.


4. Brick ... brick, lots of bricks around.

5. Not immediately becomes a brick that's so rosy oranzhevenkim.

6. It all begins with the fact that the bricks vyleplivayut on a special machine-type conveyor
In general, I came here twice, the first time I could not see the process of making bricks from clay as heavy rain started and I had to leave, and the second time there was a break for lunch.


8. But on the first day all still got to take pictures of the workers who brought clay bricks in a special place from which all further moves in the oven for roasting.







15. Well, go inside the furnace.
Worker only just laid bricks on the firing, bricks are adjusted to approximately 1200 degrees.

16. And in front of the furnace, we see the processing of bricks at the final stage - the cooling obazhennogo brick here according to some sources on the Internet, where a sharp cool brick is not recommended because it can cause cracks.


18. The temperature can feel, I went to 5 minutes at most, and during that time sweating normally.


20. Climbing up to the stove can see that the entire length of the hole made special.

21. All stove top with bags of wood shavings, as I said, Uncle, it is used as fuel.
Although hard to believe, most likely used as a fuel or coal, or wood and sawdust are used for kindling.

22. Through which you can watch a burning fuel, and whether the desired temperature.



25. That same uncle who just was putting a brick at the bottom, has already moved to the top.

26. And finally two pictures where the bricks are loaded onto a woman and a man on the sidelines resting
I personally think is not easy work, after several hours of back bend open with difficulty.



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