Monday, April 25, 2011

visiting Burj-Khalifa..

All roads in the UAE is known to lead to the Burj-Khalifa, the highest building in the world, in addition to the observation deck. From a height of 124-floor view of the city seems a virtual image. Although you understand that at the bottom - the real reality. Before the Burj Dubai had a chance to see the earth from the Pearl Tower in Shanghai , but the sensation of height there are quite different - in comparison with the skyscraper, say, baby. The fact that the rise in the Dubai tower, you need not even been discussed, how we did it - on a photo story.


Our compatriots, mostly go to the Emirates via travel companies that meet you on arrival, offer a range of excursions. One of them - "Modern Dubai at a price of $ 100 per person group and $ 200 from one - the individual. We decided to start to look around, and by the evening of the first day of realized that modern Dubai is cheaper and more interesting to "feel" themselves. It was in Dubai Mall you will be able to see a giant aquarium for 50-100 dirhams per person. Here you need to buy tickets for the tower itself. It is important to remember that tickets must be purchased in advance. Then you can choose the time you climb. And, importantly, advance purchased tickets will cost you four times cheaper than you will climb on the day of purchase (roughly - $ 130). We bought the tickets three days before the climb, only on those days had the opportunity to choose the time. Tickets cost 100 dirhams for one. Comparing the prices of fun with tour operators offer was not in favor of the latter. While everyone decides for himself.

So, the morning when we rise to the Burj Dubai. We arrived well in advance, ordered a morning coffee and crunchy croissant on the terrace cafe in Dubai Mall:


On the eve we enjoyed here, "dancing fountains" of what will explain later. Morning "decorations" are absolutely different from the evening. Comfortable air temperature, plus 27, the blue sky and the blue expanse of artificial pools, a sense of celebration:



View of the hotel "Old Town":


Lifting time and the number of simultaneously visiting the Tower of carefully thought out. No fuss, hustle. Rapidly advancing in the queue to a metal detector, go through it without any problems.

We pass by a portrait of his father - His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Prime Minister, Vice-President of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai just (can be just the King):


The guides told us that when the crisis struck, not to stop construction of the Tower, His Highness enlisted the assistance of the UAE and Ruler of the governor Abu Dhabi - Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. That assistance is not denied - threw a couple of billion. Resulting in a beauty-tower was completed safely, inherited his name and, they say, was his property. Is this true, I am reliably do not know how, though, and tour guides - who are the sheikh asks, as was the case in reality. But the historical fact - the tower has changed its name in favor of "senior among equals."

Long corridors with projections in for a recovery:





Stages of construction of the tower - all projected onto the wall display:


Approach to the elevators for the tourists, two of them (only 144 in the building elevator). They raise the visitors to the observation deck (and back Smile ):


The rise in the 124-th, the final floor to exit to the observation deck is in seconds - silently. In the ears laid, as in an airplane. Cutting-edge, high-speed elevators:


The observation deck is spacious, without the "overpopulation":


Did not immediately discover mezhstekolnye open spaces that allow species to shoot without any distortion. They are clearly visible in the upper photo. Clutching the camera (fear drop from somewhere took), shoot what I see. The roof of the Dubai Mall and a relatively undeveloped area of ​​the city:



View of the Persian Gulf:




Ahead namytye island in the form of the globe - the famous World. A total of 200 islands in the number of states in the world, grouped in the form of 7 continents (Eurasia, Africa, etc.). The price of one of the island varies, starting from a mark of one million dollars:


These seem to be tiny famous "dancing fountains":


Proceed to the next, tightly closed glass of the observation deck. Trying to "reach out" through the lens to "crown" Towers, but where there is - the lower level of the Tower closes the top:



Barely noticeable in the left far corner, near the edge of the ocean is white "sail" lonely. But this, as opposed to sung by Mikhail Yurevich, on the sail like only a form of plan sponsors. And inside - modern semizvezdny hotel Burj Al Arab (until recently the richest in decoration and expensive in the world today is the "cool" semizvezdnik "- in Abu Dhabi," The Golden Palace "is called):


I apologize for the quality, these photographs shot through the glass:


Each person can see into the distance through a telescope, 10 dirhams - and a telescope for some time at your disposal:


Time spent on the lookout no limits, you can stay here as long as you see fit. You can buy a souvenir branded T-shirts and souvenirs with the image of the tower. And also in the "golden" ATM (they are two, one at the bottom, the second on the observation platform) gold bars of various shapes and denominations:



Lift quickly and quietly domchal us down. When the gallery layouts Tower (as it was designed and from which it is designed) and photographs of its creators:




Corridors leading to the exit from the tower, equipped with escalators and plasma, with city views:





The following photo story - about the world famous "dancing fountains" of Dubai.



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