Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Did you know? (human body)

-The strongest muscle in our body is the tongue.

-Holding the breath will not make you die.

-If there are people saying a prayer every time there is a sneeze because it is every time you sneeze, heart stopped a mili-second.

-Sneeze too hard can break ribs, decided the blood vessels in the head or neck and cause of death.

Human-heart can squirt blood 30 feet so far.

-Wearing headphones for an hour to stimulate the growth of bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

-Like fingerprints, no human tongue has a different contour.

-Hippocrates suggested: If you want to enlarge her breast size, women have often sing out loud.

Hiccup-Men more often than women.

Cigarette-soaked in water, then let sit for a while. Then the cigarette injeksikan soaking water into blood vessels seseorang.Dalam less than a minute, that person will be directly killed.

-If you allow it to old age, your nose hairs will grow to 2 meters.

-Women blink 2 times more than men.

-During his life, the human body produces 25,000 gallons of saliva.

-People have a tendency to use his right hand to scratch his left hand, and the left-handed with his right paw.

-The average person laughs 13 times a day.

Head-banging to the wall for an hour to drain the 150 calories in the body.

New-born baby has 300 pieces of bone. While adults have only 206. Where are the bones of another flight?

A human-bone is harder than concrete.

-Measure the length of your legs in the morning and afternoon. You will find, long distance you will be 50-10 percent in the afternoon.

-90% Of dust in your home is a waste of your own dead skin.

-We just found out that the ribs of a man about a woman in 1543, when the first autopsy was performed.

The male-semen when ejaculation is never more than 2 teaspoons.

-The average man ejaculates over her life: 7200 times.

-The average man to masturbate for her life: 2000 times.

-If collected, the semen collected during the life of a man: 14 gallons.

-Speed ​​squirt out semen (ejaculation): 55 km / hr. Almost equivalent to
Busway in Jakarta speed (60 km / h).

-The total calories 1 teaspoon of semen: 7 calories.

Long-time average penis is not erect: 3.5 inches. The average length while erect: 5.1 inches.

The shortest-ever penis recorded: 5 / 8 inches. Check here

Penis longest-ever recorded: 11 inches. Do not believe? try to see here. In fact, there are more longer term, if you do not believe in trying to see here ... he .. he .. he ..

The most exciting man-hours for sex: in the morning.

-The best way to improve sexual function of you: Stop smoking, exercise, diet.

-Foods that can improve your sexual abilities: Sea Scallops, lean meat, seafood, and wheat bread.

-60% Of men have to masturbate.

-54% Of men masturbate at least once a day.

-Time required Mr.P you to "combat ready" again: 2 minutes-2 weeks after the "battle" first.

-In general, the taste of semen depends on what their owners eat. If you eat too many fatty foods like meat so it will smell (rancid). If the meal is balanced, then it would be like the fish flavor, spiced butter (a bit fishy but juicy). If men eat asparagus, it will be very bad maninya water.

-Men can improve the taste of semen (a sweet taste) with much eating and drinking fruit berkandungan high acid, such as kiwi, mango, orange, grape, and lime juice.

-If the network of blood vessels in man measured the length from end to end, so the length is about 100 thousand kilometers, which could mean up to 2.5 times around the earth.

-About 65% of autism-handed or left-handed as the main hand.

-Cells of the human body complete regeneration of the new every 72 hours.

-More people die from choking than those who die of coronary heart disease.

Our heart beats, on average 100.000 pulses / day.

-The average human eye blink is 6,205,000 per year.

-When someone sneezes, it can achieve speeds of 100 mph

-The body that will always grow the ears and nose.

-Teeth are the only parts of the body can not repair itself.

Belching first-ever national tersiarkan was in 1935.

Lying-in keaadan creativity higher than sit, sitting blood pressure occurs higher in the head, neck, back, this causes the pressure receptors in the active blood vessel walls, causing the brain to decrease energy & tension.

-Smoking can reduce bone mass, disruption of hormonal system, particularly estrogen in women resulting in early menopause.

-Apparently the results of research that eating too much protein and salt can lead to thinning of the bones.

When the new-born, you only have 300 bones. Along with the increase in size, some of these bones began to coalesce. The result? Adults have only 206 bones.

-The tongue has approximately 10,000 senses of taste to taste the delicious cuisine.

-Drinking alcohol is no advantage, because it can be addictive, damage cells of the liver that can cause liver cirrhosis, and premature osteoporosis.

-When this happens in your brain are millions of different chemical reactions.

Deja-vu-not recall the incident that had occurred but damage while the number of cells that cause you to recall a feeling that never happened before.

-Women just need a penis over 6 cm in order to satisfy.

Hanged-man is always producing sperm because the neck is also a kind of "g-spot."

Pirate earring-wearing earrings because they believe they will increase the power of vision.

-Every time you lick a stamp, either by consuming 1 / 10 calories.

-The average time from people who needed to close my eyes started to sleep is 7 minutes.

-Someone will probably not open his eyes while sneezing.

-The brain works more active during sleep than when watching TV.

-Men fart an average of 17 times a day while the female 9 times per day.

Penis longest-ever recorded by scientists is over 13.5 inches or about 34.29 centimeters.

Human-mouth ranked second after the oral terkotor cats.

-Jenggot you will grow 2 times faster when you are in an airplane.

On average, adult men sleeping 7 minutes after the lights turn off.

-Humans are the only animals that can not sleep with his back alone.

-Men are born more in the day, while more women are born at night

-The baby's bones more than the number of adult bone.

-In one hour after using cocaine, the risk of heart attack will increase the wearer 24 times.

-Every human being can not lick his own hands elbows.

-99% Of people who read the writing on his hand would try to lick elbow



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