Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday Osaka

We went on Sunday in Osaka. Affairs, and of the usual little stroll.

Combining near our station sells all sorts of flowers. The pots are standing right in front. Flowers usually vary from season to season. Now there are other colors of the cosmos. Beautiful, delicate flowers. In Japan they are often seen in September. And I was very surprised when Alex told once that they were growing in the country are the same. My feeling is the flora and fauna of the Moscow region and Primorye significantly different. We occasionally talk and find out what is the spider in our cottages are different, the grass is not so someone. A space there. This year I Ussuriisk about the house next door is also seen in the flower bed. Beautiful. Reminds me of the beginning of the school year when we are in the nineties gave teachers bouquets of asters and other garden flowers such here. Because it was still ready bouquets were a rarity and a luxury.

I came out of the house is very hungry. Cooking fundamentally did not, because I do not want to lose a couple of hours time. Meanwhile, out of the house with an empty stomach is very dangerous, because I always have to control myself not to pounce on any bread in the shop. Bravely walked past all the shops, and not far from the entrance to the station handing out advertising.

Sometimes leaflets to make napkins or any other useful products, which are coveted by passing more willingly takes advertising. And this time was given snacks. My stomach was elated :)

Healthy soy snack was really good. In a pack it is less than 30 grams, 123 kkal and uncharacteristic for snacks distribution of carbohydrates, fats, protein - 50%, 25%, 25%. Conventional snacks are usually a mixture of sugar and fat. So gift soy good thing broke my appetite, as we drove to Osaka.

Pieces are made of very thin dough and hollow inside.

After them, other sweets are not so catchy look. Although this fall ponavypuskali delicious marmalade and biscuits. Shop right on the platform. Study the range, while waiting for a train.

That's actually him.

They arrived at the Umeda. Center of Osaka - the endpoint. The car was empty moment. Machinist runs through the cars to make sure that no one forgot.

Near the railway station lingerie store. From panties on the clothesline blowing childhood.

People sit in a cafe until we run around on his own business, and to think about where to eat. Great choice sometimes is also a problem :)

Dinner somehow miraculously remained behind the scenes. Then we went to the mall. While fed Anna, everything was rattling. In the life of a thunder heard! Friend, who, as it turned out, had dinner at the restaurant on the 31st floor of a nearby building, write in Facebook that they have turned off the light, and they sit in the restaurant and watch the city at night in the dark. I can not imagine the beauty and entertainment :) But I think that blackout was short-lived, because everywhere in places installed generators.

On the street it possible in buckets. Had to wait in a cafe. Did not plan to have anything sweet. It is itself happened. Cheesecake with berry was good, but the drinks I somehow disappointing. I took a hot yuzu, to drink coffee at night. Yuzu citrus is something that we like as called citron. Very tasty stuff, winter drink it with pleasure. The drink is a yuzu cut with sugar and boiling water. In stores you can buy a ready-made "jam" and home to dilute it with hot water.

Here we paid for it delicious, but it is still just jam with boiling water 350 yen per cup, and hot water was five sips of water as if they were sorry. Clearly, this is not the cafe to cafe straight. Just a sweet shop, a shopping center in the lobby with tables and couches it sponsor - upholstered furniture store, located in the same shopping center. Therefore, in this cafe and clubs - not that circles as well, plastic cups in the holders. But could use more cups. Three hundred and fifty something yen.

Hooray, the rain is over! We go outside.

The entire area in illumination. The air is fresh. Puddle on the pavement. Immediately some holiday breathed.

Shop Lee offers peasant work clothes. Prices did not even look. But very well imagine it to some Japanese :)

Women's clothing shop next to the popular style: natural colors and fabrics, minimalist, eco. So many Japanese women look slender in this divinely innocent. I conceptually like minimalism, but that every second Russian woman will look like a milkmaid from the village store :)

Stamp on the wet asphalt on.

While looking happy and satisfied in a Japanese cafe, couple smiling baby in a stroller.

We got to the book. We decided to look through books for ten minutes.

The announcement that the author will be signing their books and then that's when. Cover of the book looks juicy strawberry. Although portrayed apparently just melancholic girl.

While I normally hang on the shelves with women's and culinary magazines, Alex otkapal somewhere book-collection of the most famous photographs of different authors. Considered this. So strange to see naked men in the public domain in Japan, where even the pictures on the leaflets with spam about specifying intimate services to the population, who rush to the mailbox, and all those with the squares.

Go back to the station. Just through the shopping center, where we found the rain. Here, in this cafe, we were just on the couch by the window. And now here moved a group of people who had recently attended at the restaurant one floor below at the wedding banquet.

Weddings in Russia makes me some consternation, because the celebration lasted all day, and by evening had wanted to shoot myself. In Japan, all succinctly. Informal dinner for friends and colleagues on schedule lasts two or three hours, and when it ends, there is no fatigue, and you can still go behind to sit with friends like this in a cafe or walk.

By the way, one can see a piece of advertising that the furniture for this cavern with candy provided furniture store, which is located in the same shopping center. Very successful advertising. We sat on their couches. Very comfortable :)

All Japan littered with advertisements about goods and Halloween. Two more days and it's finally over. Maybe tomorrow will be selling sweets with a pumpkin at a discount :)

Meanwhile, suddenly discovered that Christmas is coming. Every year, it comes suddenly something really! The street is getting cold and I want to heat the tree home, champagne and red glitter on nails.

Still go to the station. In the building the station shop with all sorts of Totoro and other Miyadzakovskimi characters.

Among the usual toys many items of practical use.

Children's backpack. Where are my least fifteen years :)

Someone else is sitting in the cafe.

Flower shop.

While waiting at the intersection of the green light, the grandmother talking to Anna.

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