Friday, May 17, 2013

10 facts about cheese

These interesting facts not only whetted your appetite, but also help to take a fresh look at an ordinary cheese sandwich

1. For the preparation of kilograms of cheese to 10 liters of goat's or cow's milk. Except milk cheese is made from sour cream, peas, soybeans, pork or veal liver and even sugar and ice.

2. The first cheese was found in the Egyptian pyramids, built in 3000-2800 BC
The cheese is also mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. To the ancient Greeks and Romans, the cheese was an important trade item.

3. Established the first commercial production of Dutch cheese. She began to circle of cheese in the 14th century.

4. Some Caucasians cheese has a strong odor and is afrodoziakom. That is why the wedding table is always present this product.

5. Skating Championship cheese annually in the UK

6. Cheese paint. For example, Cheddar painted over 200 years of annatto seeds. For color varieties cheaper the carrot juice and marigold petals.

7. Wedding gift to Queen Victoria of Britain (1837-1901) gave a huge disk of cheddar cheese weighing more than 500 kg.

8. Legend has it that when Zarathustra left the madding crowd and retired to the desert for 20 years, he ate almost alone cheese.

9. The holes in the cheese appear due to the movement of bacteria that causes gas. The bubbles of gas, which formed a hole specialists call the "eye."

10. They say that a soft Camembert was inspired to create paintings of Salvador Dali "fluid watch." After tasting the cheese, the artist sitting in front of an unfinished painting and thinking about the taste of the cheese. Then he and a vision "rastekshegosya time"



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