Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The cable car in Kharkiv

Today - ride the cable car in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv lift was put into operation in 1971. Route the cable car runs from the Central Park of Culture and Rest. Bitter (or Lesopark) to Paul's district field. Immediately after its opening, the road is used not only as a stroller, but also as a transportation system. According to the stories, especially love to use the cable car Kharkov students. So they traveled from dormitories to Pauline Field to institutions located in the heart of the city. Such a route to the Alma Mater was not only an unusual and fascinating, but also cheap.

The length of the route between the two landing stations "Gorpark" and "Paul's Field" is 1385m. Rising to a height of 26 meters (this is the highest point of the Kharkov cable car) offers wonderful views of the greenery of the park to them. Bitter, forest parks and the Botanical Garden. The cable car is held by 18 towers of varying heights, going up and down you with 8 to 26 meters. Total road has 124 double passenger cabins, capacity of which 160 kg. In the cabin you can sit down and three, provided that the total weight does not exceed 160 kg.

In order to ride the cable car, which is definitely one of the many attractions of the city, you need only do 18 minutes of free time and 10 UAH (both time and money are on the road in one direction))). Tons of fun and positive from the beautiful species of fresh air and a light breeze - Guaranteed!

Getting there:

Landing the cable car station "Gorpark" is located in the park to them. Bitter, that on the street. Sumy, just behind the cinema "Park." Another station - "Paul's Field" is on the conjugation of st. August 23 and st. Otakar Yarosh in the Botanical Gardens.

In 2006, during the advertising campaign of the Russian-Ukrainian mobile operator "Beeline" most of the cabins were painted in yellow and black horizontal stripes (the color bilaynovskoy bees), the other placed images of various objects with the appropriate coloring. Striped booths travel up to 2009.

Opening with a height views of the city:

A new road:

Despite the fact that at present the cable car is used primarily as an attraction, designed and originally used it just as a vehicle Str. Derevianko was not yet make it to Sokolniki metro station and to Pauline Field were opened only in 2004. Thus lift in the shortest time possible to reach employees and smelter FEDa Pavlova with Paul on the job. It is known that at that time there were monthly tickets for the cable car.

Repair cubicle. It repairmen go:

Length of the route from the station "Gorpark" station "Paul's Field" - 1387 m



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