Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beautiful vintage cars

This report is dedicated to a beautiful vintage cars. These machines are in the private museum of automobile engineering Vadim Zadorozhnogo located near Arkhangelsk in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region.

The museum contains more than one hundred vintage cars, motorcycles, dozens of pieces of military equipment, including tanks, planes, helicopters.

(45 photos)


1. Chic convertible mid-60's, ZIL-111D.

2. Grand convertible ZIL 117VE. 10 copies were produced, the model differs shielded electrical system.

3. ZIS-110B, a first class passenger car with a phaeton body.


5. One of the few remaining ZIS-115. Found that out of all the surviving copies of the ZIS-115 is only a sample presented in the museum's collection, is a car directly carrying the head of state, Joseph Stalin.

6. ZIL-41072 "Scorpion" for the protection of visiting. The car is equipped with wide external steps, the outer and inner rails on the sides of the body and in the cabin, just in case it becomes necessary to apply the outer guards. The sunroof is required for "working off emergency situations." Issued 8 copies.


8. GAZ-M1 (Molotovets-1).

9. Elegant series Horch. Here Horch 951A, custom-made bodywork studio.

10. What a beautiful gas station.

11. Horch 855 Special Roadster.

12. Horch 830BL, a rare artifact from the body, which is made to order.

13. Alfa Romeo 6C 2300B, an attempt to look inside.

14. In 1926 Felice Bianchi Anderloni and Gaetano Pontsoni, professional lawyers, and the passionate fans of cars, opened the firm Carrozzeria Touring, producing the famous "superlight" Body Touring, which are made of aluminum panels. This innovation was so great that soon the company name was changed to Touring Superleggera, often shortened to the Superleggera.

15. Smiling Alfa Romeo 6C 2500.

16. Delahaye 135M. Postwar, the modernized version of the most famous model of the company, the victim failed in the European market due to lack of demand for exclusive luxury cars.

17. Delahaye 135S.

18. A number of Bavarians.

19. BMW 328, the pre-war sports car company.

20. German machine based communication Stoewer M12RW.

21. Sportrodster Buick 44, 1929.

22. Cadillac V16, the first car with a 16-cylinder engine.

23. "Lattice radiator delightfully-brutal!

24. Lozier Type 77, 1913 Presented Lozier Montclair Touring is designed for five people and is considered the most successful model. The car began to form in 1910 and produced until 1917. Produced 236 cars.


26. Hotchkiss AM April 1930. Luxury French passenger car class, one of the best pre-war models of the firm, comes to service members of the French Government.

27. Indian 1915.


29. In the center - Mercedes-Benz 170, the most popular car pre-war Germany.

30. BMW Dixi DA2.

31. English BSA. The model seems to be A65.

32. Memory of the Soviet automobile industry. Zaporozhets.

33. Baby Isetta.

34. Indian 741B. Heavy American motorcycle, comes in the USSR under the lend-lease during World War II.

35. Chrysler CM6.

36. Mercedes-Benz S-klasse (W100).

37. Elite, assembled by hand convertible Mercedes-Benz 300S (W188).

38. Feline Jaguars.


40. Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster.

41. Cadillac V16 Sport Roadster, details.

42. ... And completely.

43. Legendary Stalinets, restored in the workshop of Eugene Shaman. The world's first serial tractor with a diesel engine!


45. And today it all!


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  1. Wow, seriously! It's great to see such a collection of fine vintage cars. They're looking quite clean and shiny, as if they just rolled out of production. And they truly are an awesome blast from the past!